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Teen Titans Go Games

What are Teen Titans Go games?
These games are created for fans of the famous Cartoon Network series (The Young Titans in Action) Teen Titans Go is a Spin-off of the famous Teen Titans series, but in this version it is more aimed at children and absurd humor While Teen Titans was recognized for her seriousness and low humor, in this new version released in 2013 some DC Comics characters make their appearance in the series, the voice actors are the same in the English version.

In Latin America, Cartoon Network broadcasts the episodes since September 2, 2013.
while in Spain Boing is the one that broadcasts the episodes since October 21, 2014.

The Teen Titans Go series has a movie that premiered in 2018

Robin: Leader of the Young Titans, he always tries to look good to impress Starfire who is also a member of the Young Titans, he is the only human in the group but even so sometimes he turns out to be the strongest in terms of bravery and courage is spoken.
Starfire: A Tamaranian who wants to fit in with humans even if it never works out for her, is a fun girl who never wants to get into trouble and is also always attentive to her companions.
Cyborg: She is a half robot half human teenager who does not care about anything and simply wants to have fun with her friend Beast Boy Raven: a half demon girl who has powers capable of defeating any monster without any problem, daughter of an interdimensional demon that Enslaves the world. I think it's a bit normal that he has too much power. Beast Boy: A teenager who can become any animal he wants, although he turns out to be a bit lazy all the time.

Teen Titans Go Games

Teen Titans Go Food Fight: This game is about shooting the other Titans with pizza slices before they finish you, we will have to point with our mouse, to shoot we will have to press left click, if we hit the pizza too many times our life bar will start to go down, the other titans will also have life and we can kill them so that they leave us alone, the more we advance we can unlock more food and thus be able to kill the other titans in a different way, the game is available for ipad, iphone and android mobile devices.

Teen Titans Go Power Tower: When Robin was watching a movie, in the middle of an action scene mysteriously all the light goes out of the city, leaving the city in darkness, Robin when seeing all this he realizes that the hive still has light For which reason he decides to investigate what is happening, Robin equates himself with his hook determined to know what has just happened, press WASD to move linearly so you will have to think carefully about each movement, since there will be many traps in your path we will have to collect as many stars so that we can go to the next level, we will have to break boxes, activate bombs, go unnoticed by laser weapons mechanisms among many other things, in some cases there will be electricity traps which we will have to wait for to be deactivated on your own, but hurry, that will not last forever, This game is very strategic so we challenge you to complete it as fast as you can, but you still do not have to rush since you will not have You are a life counter and you can try as many times as you want.

Teen Titans Action Arcade: in this game we will be able to control the 5 titans in their different mini-games, each titan will have a different game from the other, these games make a reference to classic arcade video games such as Pacman, Tetris, Pong, etc, these games They will be almost the same but with light ones, move with directional arrows and the mouse, remember that in some games one thing will be more important than another, if you want to have a good time, arcade games will have the same objective as their original versions, in addition to have almost the same sounds and gameplay, if you wanted to play a game that does not necessarily contain action, this game is ideal for you, Game Available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

Teen Titans Go Games on Kiz10
If you want to play more Teen Titans Go games just go to Press categories and tags and then go and find what you like the most, we hope you have a good time and don't forget to smile here at kiz10.


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  1. Teen Titans go Tower Lockdown

What are Teen Titans Go Games?

Teen Titans Go - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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