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in this category we will be able to find games in which we will have to use different weapons to be able to eliminate an enemy, we will have a great variety of weapons at our disposal, in addition to the fact that we will be able to see several games which will be made with the graphic engine UNITY so we can To have a more realistic experience when playing, we will have to be quite fast when shooting since we will be able to see several enemies so we will have to be very good at pointing with our mouse, in these games they are mainly based on shootouts of Bands, in most games we will be with a third person camera which will let us see all our movements so we can feel a more realistic experience.


Stickman Armed Assasin: Going Down: In this game we will start with a menu in which we will be able to see several people patrolling a building while our main character will be watching them with a weapon in hand, then we will be able to see the start button which will It will allow us to start playing, once we start we will be able to see how we will have to choose which level we want to play, we will have a total of 20 levels which will increase in difficulty as we progress, as we are new we will have to start from the level 1 in order to discover how to play this game, once inside the level we will have an objective which will be to eliminate several guards who will be walking around the stage, we will have to eliminate 3 lairs to complete the level, we will have a pistol which will have a limited number of bullets so we will have to be careful when aiming, we will have to walk around the stage to find the guards, once z that we have eliminated all the enemies and have fulfilled the objective we will be able to see how a green zone will appear which will be our safe zone to be able to pass the level, once we finish the level we will be able to see all the stars that we got and the score, a great game if you like frantic action games, in the next level we will be able to grab a new weapon the M4 will help us since being a rifle we will be able to shoot with more speed so that we can quickly eliminate enemies, we can also meet enemies which will be coming to fight with us with melee weapons but do not underestimate them since 2 or 3 blows will be enough to eliminate us. We will have more enemies than normal at this level so it is better that we think where to hide since the enemies will shoot us several times since they will not have a reload time.

Dyno Hunter: Deadly Shores Games: at the start of the game we can see that an image of a t-rex will appear in the menu while several buttons will appear, if we press in settings we will be able to see all the game settings which we can modify to our liking, We can configure what graphics we want the game to be in, we will have 3 Low modes which will set everything to a minimum for a smoother gaming experience, Medium which will be an equivalent of high and low and HIGH which will be the best of the best already that will put all the graphics to the maximum, we can also activate or deactivate the sound and music of the game, once we want to start playing we will simply have to press PLAY to be able to choose our level, we will have to choose what level we want to start in addition to we will have to choose the biome we want to be in, we will have 2 options desert or snow you can choose the one you want, we will have to choose which sniper weapon we want to carry to To eliminate the dinosaurs, remember that each sniper will have their advantages and disadvantages, so you must decide wisely, once we start the level we can see a panel which will show us the objective which we must complete to pass the level, we will be in A completely empty map but later we will have to look for the dinosaurs which will be anywhere on the map, eliminate them all and complete your objective to be able to pass the level in this incredible game.

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What are Gun Games?

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