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Shooting Games

Shooting Games
What is Shooting Games category?
the games in the Shooting Games category will be games in which we will have to disarm certain enemies that will attempt us as we go along, this class of games are the most popular since they are almost always games based on war or games in which you could shoot to your liking and feel like the lonely hero, the most popular Shooting games now are mostly online since we loved to compete with each other to know who was the best, most of these games are mostly paid but here in kiz10 you can find amazing games totally free.

Best Games from Shooting Games category.
PaintPop 3D: in this game we will start with a very nice completely blue background which will be accompanied by very nice electronic music which will be able to relax us if we had a very heavy day this game will take it away with its addictive gameplay and good music, when Let's start the game we will see how a ball will be floating in the air waiting for us to click to start playing, our objective in this game will be to fill with all the colors that we have the figures that will rotate from time to time, we will have to press left click to send the ball to its target which will be the figure that will be floating, when we run out of ammunition of the colored balls that we have, we will move to another color which will have even more ammunition and the wheel will turn more but it will stop without warning so we will have to be vigilant, this kind of games will require too much pacing since we will have to wait for the wheel to stop completely since ue if we shoot where it was already painted by a bullet we will lose and we will have to start the level from scratch, each time we pass a level the difficulty of these will increase to the point where we must be very careful to be able to shoot without any problem, In the middle of certain figures there may be the in-game currency which will have the shape of a geometric figure, we can collect it multiple times by shooting at the same place where it is, a very fun game completely free.

Avoid Dying: in this game created by QKY GAMES STUDIO we will have to avoid a trap falling on our heads, aiming well at all the objectives that will appear randomly, once we eliminate a target we will see more objectives which could even start to move hindering the odds of winning, we can turn off the sound of the game when we want by pressing the icon of a speaker, the game will ask you for too much precision so you will not have to miss a single shot since this could mean loss or death, back of the objectives that will appear by eliminating them, there will be a rope which we will not have to break since at first glance that rope can be seen to be tied and held to the thorn trap that will be above us, so once we have that technically clear the game should no longer be so difficult but no, since from time to time the objectives will move from top to bottom in a way c So impossible to handle so we must aim very well in addition to predicting where it could go, this game is a strategy game which will surely amuse you.

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What are Shooting Games?

Shooting - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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