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Superman Games

What does Superman Games mean?

Superman games or in Spanish means superman games which feature superman, superman or Clark kent is a fictional character that appears in the comics of the company DC Comics, was created by the writer Jerry Siegel and the artist Joe Shuster, Kal -He was just a baby when his father the scientist Jor-el and his mother Lara lord-van sent him in a capsule to the earth before the imminent destruction of his planet, already on earth Kal-el is hidden by two farmers Jhonathan and Martha Kent a couple from Kansas, who raised him and gave him the human name of Clark Kent. As a boy Clark learned to use his powers and decided that he was going to use it for the good of humanity, Superman was well known in the comics, like the Man of Steel and among many nicknames, Superman does not have a very good friendship with batman since on various occasions the two heroes, usually discuss if they are in the same room, Superman is a member of the Justice League a superhero group It is which its main objective is to keep the planet earth safe from the clutches of villains that will appear through time.

Superman Games on kiz10.

Justice League Comic Maker: In this game if we could call it that we can create our own comic which will have the characters from the justice league, in this game we will be able to create our dream comic, we will be able to choose various characters like Batman , Green lantern, Superman, Wonder woman, Aquaman, Flash and all the villains of these heroes, we will be able to change the landscape backgrounds whether it is a burning city, outer space, the base of the justice league, the batcave between many more things, we can put the classic names of hits that appeared in the old comics like: POW !!, VROMMMMM !! among many others, we can change the way we see comics and many other things, if you want to have fun and have something to do if you are bored, this game is for you since this time you will be the director, the only limit will be your imagination, this game is available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

Wonder Woman Face Care And Make Up: in this design and fashion game we will have to help Wonder Woman to look good for superman, we will have to help her by wiping her face with makeup diapers, we will have to break the pimples that she will have on her face, we will have You have to repair all your face so that it looks good when you go out with Superman, click on the pimples, spots, etc. You can also comb it to make it look even more beautiful, when all that is finished you can start to make up to make it look good, you can Choose the color that you like the most and the outline of the eyes, once we have finished we can go outside and call Superman to see how well we are now.
If you like games where you have to help a girl to see herself better, this video game will enchant you, this game is available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

Returns Stop! Press: In this game we will have to catch superman in our camera, to do it we will have to follow him with our mouse where he is heading, to take the photo we will have to press Left click to take the photo your objective will be to take the photo where superman appears, It depends on the number of success that the game gives you so that you can win the game, if this number is low with only superman appearing on the screen it is enough, but if it asks for a high number you will have to take a photo where it is In front of the camera, the game is very old and it is executed with Flash, which is why some computers may be slow, you will have to be alert where Superman goes in order to take the perfect photo, the game is based on the movie 2006 Superman Returns or Superman Returns here in Latin America which was not so well received and its sequels had to
be canceled.

Category Supeman Games on kiz10
if you want to play more games of this invincible hero just go to press Categories and Tags and click on Superman Games, we hope you have fun here on kiz10 and don't forget to smile.


❤️ What are the best Superman Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. Wonder Woman Face Care and Make Up

What are Superman Games?

Superman - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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