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in this category we will be able to find several games in which we will be able to find several games of the PAPAS GAMES FRANCHISE which is a game that originally started as a kitchen game in which we had to cook for our clients who will be very hungry and each one they will have a different menu which we will have to cook very well so that they get a good first impression, after all what happened the game would be very successful on the internet so soon they would release even more games with the same theme per oen different countries, after that we could do everything, in these games we would have to cook various cooking recipes which would help our restaurant to be one of the best restaurants in history.

PAPA´S SCOOPERIA: in this game we will start in the menu while the game title begins to load, when we are in the menu we will see that we will have several games which will be from the same creator as this, first we will be able to see many games that will be similar In addition to that we can configure various things while we wait, we can activate or deactivate the sound of the game so that when we play we do not listen to any music which could harm us or distract us from what we want to do, once we have everything done We can press PLAY to start playing, first the entire screen will go black while we can create a new game which would mean that we will start from scratch, once we are there we can choose between a new game or load a game already started, by giving it NEW GAME we can see how we will be shown a catalog of characters which we can create to our liking, but if you just want to play simple e uses a predetermined character from the game, after choosing our character we will be able to start playing, apparently we were in a new city where we were very enthusiastic to know and buy everything we could but when we see in hotels sadly there is no service until we will meet a man who will pitifully rob us and we will have to ask for help from a well-known character in this saga, to recover all our lost money we will have to start working, after seeing the story we will be able to observe how we will have to open the store to for customers to arrive, when a new customer arrives we will have to take their order, then we will have to start cooking what they asked us, we will have several new recipes so we will have to concentrate a lot in order to be the best, after we complete a night in the establishment we will be able to see how much our pay was and we will be able to calculate how much was all the points in total that we The clients went over our food, after a long time we will be able to continue working in the stable in order to continue getting money, this game is very fun and addictive so it is highly recommended, after seeing all the statistics of the day we can continue in our work , the next day we will have to continue working to go home, when we believed that everything had ended it turns out that an INSPECTIONER will come and ask us for an even bigger plate than normal, after all we will have to follow to the letter all He asks us since the smallest detail could lower us too many points which would cause him to close the establishment, the games of this class will always increase their clients as the days go by, after all we can all continue working but we will have to be very fast so that our clients don't wait that long.

We have several games from the PAPAS GAMES franchise, if you want to play these titles just click on CATEGORIES AND TAGS and then search for PAPAS GAMES, we hope you have fun and don't forget to have a good time here on kiz10.


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  1. Hamburger chef

What are Papas Games?

Papas - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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