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In this category you can find several games in which we will have to control NINJAS which will have to defeat villains by advancing or we will have to discover that the enemy is plotting, once we know what these games are about we can start to choose the game that most we like it, first we will have to look for a game which interests us, in this category we can find several popular series games after seeing all the players we will see how in each one we will have to be stealthy and cautious as a real ninja since if we stumble or something happens that would harm us and we would have to start again, most of these games are made with FLASH or UNITY so you do not have to worry if your computer will be able to run it, here at kiz10 we always try to bring you the best games by updating the list of games every day.

NINJA RUN: in this game we will start with a ninja who will be staring at us while buttons will appear which will help us to configure the whole game, we will be able to deactivate or activate the sound and music of the game as we please as this could seem a little annoying or we just don't like it, afterwards we will be able to see how many cups we have which will be obtained when we start to play, once we have seen everything we can do in the menu we will give PLAY to start playing, several instructions will appear which will show us They will explain how to control the character, to make him jump we will have to press above him but for a shorter jump we will have to click below, on the way we can find shurikens which we can throw by pressing on them, once this is said we can start playing pressing PLAY, once we start the level our ninja will start running to the right without stopping, we will have to avoid various obstacles Asses which could harm us on our way, several birds will appear which we will have to jump or dodge depending on how high we are since these birds may come from any height higher than others, the more we advance we will see how warriors appear with red dragon armor which will be waiting for us to cut us with their katana, these warriors can be destroyed if we shoot them with a shuriken when we are away, we will have to calculate our jumps very well since we will have to learn when to take a long jump or a normal jump , after all the objectives we can see how cliffs will appear which could harm us when jumping on them, if you like games in which we have to run to the right this game is for you.

MAKE THEM FIGHT: in this game we will start in a menu completely in white while other buttons will appear which will help us to start and configure the game, first we can activate or deactivate the sound and music of the game at our will, then we can click on it information button which will show us the website that created this game, then we can expand the game screen using a button which will have lines on the edges, we will be able to see what design our stickman has in addition to which we will be able to select which stickman we want to use We will have all the stickman locked but we can unlock them the more points we collect, after all that we can start playing, in the menu we can choose between 4 difficulties: NORMAL, NIGHTMARE, HELL AND HELL which will be one of the most difficult because we will have several enemies, as we are new we will have to start, once we start a level we will have to attack our opponent the cu As it will be at the other end of the map while they throw shurikens at us, we will have to press on the screen so that our shuriken goes towards our opponent and so we can eliminate it without any problem, if you like games in which we can face various opponents this You will love jeugo.

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What are Ninja Games?

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