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In this category, you can find games in which we will spend a moment of tension and fear, since these games will mostly be treated in dark and terrifying settings. The term horror usually refers to a human emotion caused by intense fear, such as those genres of the arts. narratives (literature, cinema, video games, television, etc.), based on an article by the Spanish Royal Academy, terror is a very intense fear while horror is an intense feeling caused by something dreadful, however in other works they are considered synonymous , like an extremely bad feeling.


ESCAPE FROM SILENT HILL: the game will start with a cinematic in which we can see that we are awake without remembering anything in silent hill, we will be inside a bar so when we leave we will find a fog which will not allow us to see very well the scenario, we will have to drive our motorcycle which will be parked in front, we will have two options or WALK and discover what is happening or drive on our motorcycle to get out of here, it depends on the decisions we make an end will be delivered to us but be careful since in certain scenarios we will have to face enemies who will not hesitate to approach us in order to eliminate us, let's say you chose to drive, we will be driving quietly throughout the city until a strange shadow appears and we will have to choose among all the options we have at our disposal on the screen, you chose to avoid the shadow but at the cost of that you crashed and passed out inside an ed Ificio, when you wake up you see that the screen will have a bit of static while while walking we will see a monster made of cushions which will slowly approach us, we will have to choose one of the options that will be given to us, but remember what Next I will tell you, when you face a monster and it kills you due to your actions, obviously it will eliminate you in a bloody way but here is the worst, we will have to start from the beginning of the story exactly at the moment in which we had To decide whether to walk or ride a motorcycle, let's say that now you choose to walk all over silent hill to find answers, what we will find will be beings with blades instead of hands which will be slowly approaching us, we will have to choose 4 options which They could decide if our character survives that ambush, if you chose to escape hitting a stone when walking back and we will see face to face one of these demons which will drive a blade in our face killing us instantly, we will have to start from the beginning but this time we choose to hide, we will meet in a house which will have the windows blocked so it will be a safe area, we will have to go walking around the house to discover how to get out of here but we will see a hallucination in which we can see that the whole apartment will start to change color and the atmosphere will turn red, once we go up some stairs which we find in the house, we will be able to see a nurse who will have her whole face bandaged with blood stains while holding two knives, we will have to face the nurse to go through the hall, once we defeat the nurse we will have to survive the attack of a small being the which will be running towards us, if we choose to go down some stairs which will be close to us we can see how a well-known villain will be prowling For all the scenarios, PYRAMID HEAD will be very close to us so we will have to decide what to do, a very exciting game besides having a very well done animation.

Hungry Shark: at the start of the game we will be able to see a shark which will be opening its mouth to be able to see itself threatening, we will be able to activate or deactivate the sounds and music of the game if we press the megaphone button, to start playing we will have to press PLAY, once in the menu we will have to choose the level in which we want to start, we will be able to see approximately 5 levels which we will have to complete in order to win the game, we will have to control a shark which will be hungry so we will have to eat all the people which will be close to us, we will have to move with the directional arrows to be able to fill our life bar, we will have to get closer to other people to be able to devour them and thus live longer, we will have a life counter which if it ends we will have to start the level from scratch, a great game in which we will have to be quite skilled with the keyboard.

We hope you have fun with all these games and don't forget that we will always put new games at our beginning which will always be free for you, I hope to see you on another occasion and don't forget to smile.


What are Horror Games?

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