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Fireboy and Watergirl are the protagonists of the indie video game saga (Fireboy And Watergirl) which is a puzzle game in which we will have to control 2 well-known characters which are Fireboy and Lavagirl, each of them will have their default control In addition to that we will be able to play their games with 1 other person since almost always we will have to need the help of another person in order to complete a level, but if you want to play alone there is no problem since this game will allow you that luxury, but that if you will have to control fireboy and lavagirl by yourself, remember that each level will have its specific places in which only one character can enter and that character will almost always have to open or pull a lever to open the way for another character, we will have to collect all the diamonds we can because in this game we can also compete against our friend to see who collects the most coins, the games in this iconic saga have had g Randes changes in the design of characters so we can see an improvement in animation in watergirl and fireboy while we are watching the games, a great saga remembered for being one of the best 2-player internet games which we all played in our childhood.

Fireboy And Watergirl 6:
When starting the game we can see how Fireboy and Watergirl will be happy in the middle of a very brown scenario, then we can see several buttons which will help us to configure the game settings so that we can play and have a more comfortable experience, yes we press in the settings button we will be able to see the game settings, first we will be able to deactivate or activate the game sounds simply by pressing in this button, later we will be able to see a button which will allow us to choose our language the default language will be english but you can change it whenever you want, to start playing we will simply have to press PLAY, once we have pressed it we will be able to see how several levels will appear which will be blocked until we complete the first level, we will have to start from the first level by simply pressing on this one Once that is done, we can see how our main characters appear while diamonds with their respective colors of our protagonists, we will have to move Fireboy with the directional arrows that are on our keyboard and to control Watergirl we will have to press WASD to move to the direction that we are pointing, then we will have to go to the door of each one which will have exactly the same color as the character which should go through there, our main objective will be to get to the door of each one safe and sound so we will have to overcome different puzzles which will help us to open the way to our partner who could be stuck, we will have to use every feature that our character has as an example: Fireboy can walk through the lava without getting hurt while if he touches the water it will disintegrate and we will automatically lose the game no matter if the watergirl is still alive that all levels need the mutual help of the two characters, once we finish the first level appears For a poster in which we will be able to see all our statistics so that we can compare it with our friends, we will be able to see all the total gold that we collect in the level in addition to the energy that was given to us, remember that every time we start a level we will use energy the As if it were to end we would have to wait for it to recharge, we will have to collect all the diamonds in order to enter through the door, remember that you can find buttons which will move different platforms which could help us.

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