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In the category of robot games you can play various games which will have thematic of ROBOTS or where we will be in the future which will be full of robots, in this class of games we will be able to control 2 people or the robots to the humans which will be surrounded by robot enemies, once we enter the category you can see several games with 2D designs since most of these games will be made with FLASH or they will be very light so you will not need a very powerful computer, it depends on what you are looking for Here you can find it, we have games of all kinds from platform robots with RUN style games in which we must control a robot, and all these games you can find it completely free here at kiz10, if you want to know what are the best games in the category here We present them to you:

Ben10 World Rescue Mission: In this game we will have to help BEN10 to defeat villans who will go from city to city, for that we will have to move with different aliens all over the world in order to avoid the evil ones from winning, we will have to defeat several robots that will be protecting the area delaying our main mission which is to find out what is happening, once we start a level we will have to choose an alien which will already be determined by the game, at the beginning the level ben will be ready to become an alien to be able to defeat the villains we will have to go jumping from side to side to avoid fatal falls which can make us lose an entire game, there will be several types of robots but the most common are only two, the normal robot which will simply be a robot that if he sees us will come up with his red eyes ready to attack us and the robot will also be equipped with a laser pistol which shoots us but first t Endra to prepare and that time span can be enough for us to reach it and destroy it, we will have a life bar which will tell us how much life we ??have left, if you have little life left it is recommended that you start looking for a first aid kit which will restore all the life bar, we can attack robots with our normal attack or we can attack them with a species attack which can only be used a few limited times so think carefully about where you use it, as long as you have the opportunity to avoid your opponent avoid it Since you will have several scenarios where there will be many enemies and they will be cornering you but you can use your special attacks to destroy it faster, the game will have several levels in which we will be moving from city to city trying to destroy all possible robots, a good game if you like to destroy robots without stopping and better if you are a fan of BEN10.

Robot Laser Battle: The game will start with two stickman trying to discover who is the strongest until a huge number 2 appears out of nowhere and beats the two stickman who were fighting, after that weird introduction we will go to the game menu which is made with flash, once in the menu we will have several options such as configuring the sound of our game, we can press HOW TO PLAY to discover how to play correctly, there will be two game modes, mode 1 OR 2 PLAYERS in the which we can fight against the machine or be it against a friend on the same computer, there will also be another mode such as CHALLENGE mode which will obviously raise the difficulty of the game to a higher one, as in this case we are surely starting we will choose the normal mode, once inside the game we can choose what level of difficulty we want the artificial intelligence to have since it will be divided into 4 difficulties, an EASY which is recommended for beginners, MEDIUM and HARD which will be one of the most complicated of the whole game, if we have a friend we will have to press HUMAN to activate its keyboard controls, after that we will have to choose on what basis we want to fight, there will be several options and each base will have a unique and different design, in total there will be 6 bases which will give us fun moments to all, after that we will have to choose how many lives we want for the level, we will have several options like SHORT in which we will only have 3 lives, MEDIUM in which we will only have 5 lives, LONG in which we will only have 7 lives and EPIC in which there will be 10 lives for each player, once inside the level we will have to look for our enemy while he tries to chase us to shoot us with his laser, once that we destroy all the lives of the robot we will have won the game, a fairly light game so if you like simple games this game will enchant you,
here at kiz10 we have several robot-themed games, just go to categories and tags and then click on the category that interests you most in this case, you can choose from a large selection of games just for you, we hope you have fun here at kiz10 .


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