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Simpsons Games

Who are the Simpsons?
The Simpsons is an American animated series which was created by Matt Groening who is also the creator of several famous series such as Futurama, Disenchantment, etc. Currently Fox Broadcasting Company and is broadcast in several countries around the world. The series narrates the daily lives of the Simpson family in the family there are 5 people who are Homer Jay Simpsons: he is the father of the family and the protagonist since we will see him almost always in all the chapters, he is 39 years old, he is obese, he does not have hair and a little silly although Sometimes he is very aggressive with Bart or other children, he always protects them and defends them. Marjorie Bouvier better known as marge is the mother of the family and the wife of Homer is 35 years old, a fanatic mother of order and cleanliness in addition to always having a very positive humor, Bartholomew Jojo Simpson better known as Bart he is the oldest of the 3 children being 10 years old, many times he jokes that in the end they never have a good ending, Lisa Marie Simpson is the most in family smart being just 8 years old in addition to being a character who is always interrupted or never attended Lisa has some episodes which are usually very good in the series and lastly Margaret Simpson better known as Maggie is the baby of the Although she is the most mature family in the whole family, demonstrating in some chapters that she can do things that no one can do, such as shooting Mr. Burns, The Simpsons is one of the most viewed series in the world, having several fans scattered throughout the countries, in addition to have several games for consoles and computers.

Best games from the Simpsons Games category
Looting Larry: at the start of the game we can see how Larry will appear pixelated and next to him appear in the controls with which we can control him press the directional arrows to move larry around the environment and press space to interact, once we have read all the controls we can start playing in this game we will have to try to steal everything we can breaking store windows which will be in the middle of the map and we can break it with a trash can which we can find in the middle of the map, also in some levels we can meet enemies which will attack us shooting at us with a weapon, we can eliminate these enemies if we hit them with a trash can among many other things, this game is based on the game that appears in the series The Simpsons.

The Simpsons Bart Rampage: In this game we will start with a loading screen which will show us the entire city of Springfield from the top of everything, from there we will be able to see several iconic places in the series such as the Apu supermarket, a sign of Krusty the clown, the bowling alley of Barney and the house of the president of Springfield once we hit Start Game we can start the game, the menu will be the simpson family in which we will have to point our cursor over a character to be able to see the options Homer will be the MORE GAMES button, Lisa will be High Scores, Marge will be Simpsons Games and Bart will be Play which means that with that we will be able to play, once we press Bart the game will start, once we start the game we will see how BART will be with a weapon while we travel all over the city, here we will have to start shooting at the enemies that will approach us quickly, UFOs will appear in the air which will prevent us from jumping to the enemies that are approach, once we start several enemies will come to us like Nelson who is the bully of Bart's school besides being poor he always dreams of his father appearing, we will also meet several enemies like Krusty the clown which It will be on top of a bouncy ball which can only be destroyed, sometimes Homer will appear on a motorcycle which will be more resistant than all so we must shoot him earlier so that we do not have to worry about him, we will have to collect DONUTS which will be in our way as we advance, the donuts will increase our final score which we can review in the upper left part of the game, if you like games in which you will have to target different enemies at the same time or strategy games this game is for you.

Simpsons Games on kiz10
If you want to play more games of the most famous yellow family in the world, simply go to then click on Categories and tags and look for the category that you like in this case Simpsons Games, we hope you have fun and don't forget to have fun here at kiz10.


🕹️ What are the most popular Simpsons Games?

  1. The Simpsons Road Rage
  2. Simpsons 3D Springfield
  3. Thing Thing Arena 2

❤️ What are the best Simpsons Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. Simpsons Ball of Death

What are Simpsons Games?

Simpsons - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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