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What are Subway Surfers Games games?

Subway Surfers games are those games based on the popular app Subway Surfers, which is a Run or Run style game in English, in this kind of game we will have to run forward while collecting coins which will help us buy characters in the future, the game will be released on June 24, 2012, the game was a tremendous success on phones and in the playtore and appstore, so they decided to update the game little by little, putting new maps in the updates, until today Today the game continues to have monthly updates that change the environment from country to country.

Games in the Subway Surfers Games category.

Tom Runner: in this game we will control a cat that must escape from a man who tries to capture him at all costs, we will have to jump over obstacles to move forward, along the way we can collect coins which will help us buy new and new characters Skateboards, on the way we will also find new items or objects that will help us on the way, in order to buy new characters we must collect coins which we can collect while we run, we can also find Gifts which at the end of the game will give us coins, gems or objects the game is based on the Talking Tom game of mobile devices.

Subway Runner: in this 2D style game we will have to control a boy who must run jumping obstacles, we will be able to buy new characters, the game will run with flash so you will not have any problem when playing it, the game is very simple At the time of playing it since there will be no extremely difficult challenges, the game will have noraml music like that of all video games, there will only be one obstacle which will be the usual signs of which we will have to pay attention if we have to jump, slide or move.
If you want to play a normal game without having to focus too much, this game is for you, the game is available for mobile devices, Ipad, Iphone and Android.

Subway Surf Halloween Games: in this version with zombies, mummies and buses with mouths we must escape from these monsters without getting caught, the game will have a level of difficulty higher than that of the other games since here we will have to be attentive for a long time to the zombies that want to attack us everywhere, we will have to be attentive to our five senses since we can never be calm for a minute because the zombies will always be stalking, we will be able to control a girl at the beginning, but we will be able to unlock more characters by collecting Sweet which will replace the classic coins, the game may be a bit slow at first but there will be no problem since it will gradually improve the game has music with a terrifying atmosphere but you can remove it if it bothers you.

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