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Subway Surfers Online

Subway Surfers Online

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Subway Surfers Online
do you want to play Subway Surfers Online ? Here we tell you what the game is about

Help Max Escape The Police By Running And Jumping All Over The City Dodging Different Obstacles Like Trains, Signals, Streets, and More.
Don't Forget To Collect All The Coins You Can To Buy Special Items As For Example:

Keys: The Keys revive you when you lose so you can keep moving forward in the city.

HoverBoard: A Hoverboard That Will Save You If You Crashed Against Something! Use It In Case Of Emergency!
(double click the screen to Upload to The HoverBoard).

Hoverbike: It is a rocket that will propel you into the air and you can collect items and coins while you fly
(Jump then click on the image in the bottom left corner).

Chest Box: It is a Mysterious Box That Will Give You Random Prizes Like: Coins, Keys, Hverboard And More !! And even very affordable price.

HeadStart: Adds a Hoverbike to use whenever you want.

ScoreBooster: It will increase your score while running so that you can exceed your previous maximum score.

There are also even more special objects hidden along the way, such as:

Coin Magnet: A Magnet That Will Attract Coins To You Without The Risk Of Losing.

JetPack: It will propel you through Los Aires.

SuperSneaker: Your jumps will be longer than normal.

2x Multiplier: The Score will be multiplied by 2.

Subway Surfers Online is about a boy named Max who must escape from the police who tried to capture him.
In addition to that the game has a good gameplay and very nice graphics so that you can play without any problem from your computer, tablet
Cellular And Laptops.

But not only will you have to help Max, you will also have to help his friends:

KIKI: A United States Party Lover. (HEIGHT 145 CENTIMETERS) (WEIGHT 42KG)

Tadita: A 13-year-old Native American whose hobby is running. (HEIGHT 148 CENTIMETERS) (WEIGHT 43KG)

Stella: A 13-year-old Girl Who Loves To Dance. (HEIGHT 140 CENTIMETERS) (WEIGHT 40KG)

Rock Star: An American Who Likes To Listen To Rock Music. (HEIGHT 140 CENTIMETERS) (WEIGHT 40 KG)

Aiko: A 14 Year Old Japanese His Hobby Is Martial Arts. (HEIGHT 138 CENTIMETERS) (WEIGHT 38 KG)

Runnubis: A Very Powerful Egyptian Who Loves To Have Magical Adventures Around The World. (150 CENTIMETERS) (WEIGHT 48 KG)

In addition to being a relaxing and highly addictive game, it is one of the best in the entire platform and mobile videogame catalog.

You can also buy many hoverboards with different designs such as:

HUNNY BUNNY (35,000 Thousand Gold) A HoverBoard That Has A Cute Bunny Design.

Rock Guitar (50,000 Thousand Gold) A HoverBoard Shaped Like An Electric Guitar.

Kareta (65,000 Thousand Gold) A HoverBoard with Car Design.

Splitex G Force (75,000 Thousand Gold) A Futuristic Hoverboard.

SpeedSter (90,000 Thousand Gold) A Very Bright HoverBoard.

Turbo GX Sport (120,000 Thousand Gold) A HoverBoard That Rather Looks Like A Car.

Impedus Magnus (150,000 Thousand Gold) A Very Colorful Rainbow-Style HoverBoard.

Gold Wing Of Orus (220,000 Thousand Gold) A Hoverboard With Egyptian Wings.

You can also upgrade all items to just 500 coins that will increase the price the more improved it is.
But that is not EVERYTHING. You can also grab some balloons that will take you to Egypt, where you will have to keep escaping from the police.
Also the more you advance the faster you will go so be careful. A Game Recommended For People Of Any Age.


To Move Right Press: D

To move Left Press: A

To Jump Press: W

To Scroll Down Press: S

Double Click On The Screen To Get On The HoverBoard

Try not to collide with anything from the wall until the trains can make you lose your valuable score. Be careful!

The game has background music that you can turn off and on whenever you want in the options menu. If you want to play the game in another language, you can also choose it in the menu.

The Available Languages ??Are: English (English), Russian, French And German.

You can also calculate the sensitivity of your character from the minimum to the maximum

How can you play the game completely worth the time, very fun, very addictive, and above all you can play it from anywhere just enter
The game will not go slow since you can adjust the level of the effects and play smoothly.
Now I ask you what are you waiting for? ENTER THERE AND HAVE FUN Have fun and don't forget to play other games here on Kiz10.


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Published 02/20/2018



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