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in this category we can find various types of games exclusively for children, if you are a parent you can rest easy since here you will not find any type of game that contains violence, tobacco use, etc. here we will only find games for children which will be completely free for you, we will be able to find many series games and very famous characters of this generation such as Steven Universe, The incredible world of Gumball, Ladybug, etc., we will be able to play various games while helping our favorite characters to complete their missions, we will find many games Created with the FLASH graphics engine so that most of these games can be run with any normal computer, then we can see several games which will also be available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.


Steven Universe Travel Troubles: once we are in the menu we can configure the game with different buttons which will help us help us to play comfortably, if we want to deactivate or activate the sound and music of the game we simply have to click on the button Sound, once we have everything configured we can see in the menu Steve flying in a portal while he goes to another place with the classic hamburger backpack on his back, by pressing play we will have to choose the level in which we want to start, if already We completed some levels of the game before we can continue from the point where you left it, if you are new we will have to start from level 1 in order to understand the mechanics of the game in addition to being able to see how to move and when to advance and when not to , in the game we will have to look for all the donuts that are scattered around the map, for this we will have to explore a whole strange world which has never before We have seen, we will have to know how to handle our character very well since the game will have a kind of slowdown that is to say that our character will take to move, so it is not recommended that you are trying to move all the time because your character will take in reacting, explore all the worlds trying to discover the riddles in addition to finding objects which will help us later, the game will have an animation and character design quite pleasing to the eye since we will be able to see the models equal to those of the series original that ended the year 2019, a great game that if you like adventure and mystery games this game will enchant you.

Valley Ball: when starting the game we can see two characters who will be competing to see who can get to the ball faster, the game will be based on the popular sport Volleyball, we will have to press play to start playing, once pressed play we can see that we will have 2 modes to choose from, we will have the water mode in which the entire court will be flooded with water so we will have to be very fast when jumping to be able to return the ball, we will have to beat our opponent the which will be on the other side of the court, we will have to be quite fast since the ball can fall anywhere on the court, but do not worry since your character will automatically move towards the ball in order to prevent it from falling into your side, the same will happen with the enemy so we will have to know when to jump to be able to take the ball as far as possible from the reach of our opponent, in nomal mode we will simply be on a sand court but having no water we will be able to jump higher in addition to moving much faster.

We hope you have fun with all these games completely free just for you, remember that we will always put new games at our beginning so that you can enjoy them whenever you want, I hope to see you on another occasion and do not forget to smile.


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