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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run
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Run with Mario and friends and help to rescue the princess, tap the screen to jump and make some tricks movements, Rush all the worlds and stomp the enemies to kill them, collect coins and buy Mario friend mask in the shop, be carefull with the spikes and saws, Run Fasters As possible and Help Mario to reach the best scores. 

The Story begins when Bowser attacks the princess peach's castle and burns the entire place, Mario will have to run as far as he can to avoid being burned by the flames that will spread towards us.
We will have to overcome several worlds where we will have to calculate the jump to avoid falling into the void.

The game has thousands of objectives that will give us free Kizcoins the more objectives you complete the more kizcoins you will get
Remember to log in earlier so that the kizcions are delivered to your account and enter the Ranking.
In the ranking we will compete against other players who will have higher points than us, your objective will be to climb as high as you can.

We will have to jump various obstacles such as spines, platforms and many more things, we will also collect coins as we go, these coins can be exchanged to buy new skins.
Along the way we will meet enemies such as octopuses, bad mood rocks, mountains, etc.

If you want to continue continuing your ranking and not lose your points you can revive for 100 coins
but you will start from scratch again so you don't die again,
in the game you have to go as far as possible to go up in the Player Ranking
which has incredibly high points but those points are not impossible to beat.

Jump with left click, press twice to do a double jump and hold it to fall slowly

The game has the classic sounds of Mario Bros games, so it's like playing another title of this cute franchise from our favorite plumber,
The game is available on both cell phones and computers so you can play with one hand.

It should be noted that this game is not easy at all! on the contrary, this game will test your senses since you will have to calculate the jump to continue advancing in the objective and not die.
A decent enough game to compete with players from other countries or get free Kizcoins.


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Published 08/06/2017


Walkthrough : SUPER MARIO RUN


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