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In this category you can find games which will be more focused on games for girls, we can find games with various well-known characters such as, ELSA, ANA, LADYBUG, RAPUNZEL, ETC, we can find all those games and much more completely free here on kiz10, We have several games for girls that you will surely be fascinated by and you can find of all kinds: from a doctor in which you will have to operate on different parts of the body to your favorite characters so that they can do their daily activities, you can help them dress well so that they They can go anywhere they want, we can find games in which we will have to help the princesses to put on makeup to be able to look better, in these games we will mostly always have to fix her face so that we can start to make up, among many other types of more fun games, remember that if you want to play only this kind of games you can always visit our website called Kiz 10girls where you can find games only for girls.


Zippy Boxes: in this strategy game we will have to see how to place all the boxes in their respective keys of the same color, we will have to be very smart as well as agile since in this game we will have to move each box with our left click, every time that we move a box we can see how only 1 square will move, we will have to see where the arrow points which will be above the block, we will have to think that block could help since in this game if one block collides with another automatically one will move to the side of the other block, this feature could help us complete the most difficult levels, we can see that we will start with blocks of solid color such as yellow or blue but then things will get worse since we will find the turbo blocks which will move until they collide with something, then they will stay still and wait to get to their key, we will have to use these blocks to be able to move the block that can be ar on her way, we can find blocks which we will not be able to move and we will have to take them to her key by moving another block, a game in which we will have to think very carefully about our movements
in addition to having a good character design which will be shown every time we complete a level.

Rise Up: in this game we will have to help a balloon to be able to rise preventing it from being punctured, when we start the game we will be able to see in the menu the white balloon which will be waiting for us to help it, we will be able to see several buttons which will help us to configure the game to be able to play comfortably, we can put the game in full screen so that we can see in more detail all the scenarios and we can concentrate more, we will have to avoid several obstacles hitting our balloon since if this happens sadly we will have to start from level 1, each time the balloon goes up we will find ourselves in different situations some more difficult than others, we will have to use our mouse to control a white ball which will prevent all obstacles from reaching the balloon, we will have to be very agile when it comes to controlling the mouse since when we touch an object it will receive physics and it will start to fall down so we will have to know Where each object could go, the most recommended is that we throw all the obstacles off the map so that we do not have any risk, the game is available for ipad, iphone and android mobile devices.

We hope you like this category and don't forget that you can always find new games that will surely make you smile, I hope to see you again on another occasion and don't forget to smile.


What are Girls Games?

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