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Papa's Cupcakeria

Papa's Cupcakeria

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Papa's Cupcakeria
You get three initial save slots, much like in other Papa Louie games. From there, you can follow the cupcake-craving residents of Frostfield and their town's store, where Papa Louie's treats are sold. Seeing as Papa Louie isn't around to bake cupcakes for the Frostfield citizens, it's up to the player to ensure that everyone gets their sweet treat.

In contrast to the previous Papa Louie games, you won't be getting a weekly wage at Papas Cupcakeria. With this compensation, you can invest in some shop improvements that will reduce customer wait times.
You may spread holiday cheer to the residents of Frostfield with the help of your four stations.

The Order Station operates similarly to how any other station would. The waiting area at Papas Cupcakeria is a little lonely when you first go in. Don't fret; after you've optimized the other stations, you'll be able to enhance this space, too, and reduce the length of time people have to wait.
When it comes to cupcakes, the Batter Station is ground zero. When a consumer puts an order, they may see the batter listed with the other ingredients and toppings. Start with the batter by dragging the order slip down. Make sure you don't put too much batter in this.
The mixing of the batter takes place at the Bake Station. When you put them in the oven, keep an eye on the clock. You'll need to keep tabs on a number of different ovens. To avoid being overwhelmed, it's best to rack up a big score early on and then upgrade your ovens later on.
To put it simply, the Build Station is the hub around which everything revolves. The build station is where you add the customer's requested toppings, icings, and other embellishments on their order. Beginning players have limited topping options to help them master the skill of applying frosting evenly for maximum scores.
Hints from Papa's Cupcakeria

Having completed Day 1 of Papas Cupcakeria, you should read the following advice to get off to a good start:
The early game is crucial since the game's tempo is low enough for you to invest in improving a number of vital quality-of-life goods and decorative flourishes. Don't put off upgrading too long, or you'll end yourself drowning in data.
It is recommended that you begin by requesting a shorter wait time at the order counter. Next, pick a convenience item like a timer to improve your daily life. If you want to maximize your earnings at the end of the day, try switching up the order of the items so that each station has a fair score.

If you want to impress Papa Louie and get the most out of Papas Cupcakeria, you need follow these guidelines.


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Published 11/09/2022



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