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here you can find several games which will have ONLINE in their name or it will be MULTIPLAYER games in which we can play with other players so we can feel what it would be like to compete with other players, after all this we can play several 2D games which will be games that They end history and we will have to compete against other players to get the highest possible score to be the first in the world, we will also be able to find multiplayer 3D games, the players will face other players using our internet as a connection so we can face other people of the world.

ALIEN CATCHER: In this game parodies the MEN IN BLACK trilogy saga we will have to help agents to eliminate aliens who will try to dominate the planet in order to eliminate the human race, when we start the game we will see the menu of the game which will have several buttons which will help us to configure the game, if we click on the button of a question mark we will be able to see the controls of the 2 players which can be controlled with a single keyboard, our objective will be to capture all the aliens that have just escaped , We will have to be careful with the traps in addition to that at a certain moment we will be presented with a huge alien which will be a boss very difficult to defeat, the controls will be the following: F to shoot, W to jump, S to hide, K to throw or grab a box, J to shoot another weapon, to move we will have to use WASD, after all the information we will be able to activate or deactivate the sound if we press the sound button and the music of the game which could bother us if we do not like it, then if we hold our cursor over the icon of a person we will be able to see the people who were part of the creation of this great project, besides we will be able to see the icon of the creator, a Once we have seen everything possible here we can start playing by pressing the button with the PLAY icon, when we press the PLAY button we can choose at what level we want to start playing, if it is the first time we play this game we will have to start from level 1 while the others will be totally blocked to start playing simply press that button to go to that level, once we start the level the history will be shown to us, in an area in which all the aliens were sheltered explodes all try to escape since all the aliens are trying to take revenge for so much suffering that they cause, after calling all available agents our protagonist if they hear the call for help and decide to go save them, when we start the game we will see how we will have to control the 2 agents to be able to decipher all the riddle, if you have a friend this game can also be played for two people so that makes it Even more fun, once you have everything learned you can start, first we will have to catch a flying alien who will be on the top floor trying to eliminate us, remember that you will have hearts of life which will tell you how many attacks of enemies you can resist, after To eliminate that alien we will have to collect all the objects which are shown to us below everything, once we collect all the objects and capture all the aliens we will have won the level and we can advance to the next, without a doubt a highly addictive game if you They like to play with friends in addition to having a good gameplay.

GOLF BLAST ONLINE: in this game we will start with a loading screen which will have a map in the background in which we can see how the map designs will be which we will have to overcome, while the game title is present we will have that presses on the PLAY icon to start, when starting the game we will have to pass the map which we were seeing in the background, to start moving we will have to hold down the right click in order to be able to throw our golf ball to the place where we are aiming with our cursor, after being able to move the ball we will be able to see how there will be stars in the whole map, if we collect these stars we will be able to receive an extra shot, the game works based on shots, the shots are the times that we can move the ball, yes we put PIT IN ONE at the first attempt we will get 2 shots which will help us later, once we have completed this level we can continue to the next one which will have a different design than before Previous, once we lose all the shots we can choose to look at an advertisement to get more shots or end our game with a GAME OVER, after finishing the game we can see how much our score was and how much is the best score we have achieved in this game, after all this game is based only on trying to get as many points as possible, if you like games based on the sport of golf you will love this game for its simplicity and addictive gameplay.

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