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Brain games will train your brain with cognitive, math and other techniques to improve you brain skills. This games will help you brain to stay sharp with many types of puzzles, challenges, and experiments that you can do in home with you computer. These games and puzzles will increase the intellect of your brain to reduce the stress and have a better sleep  and increase  the memory. Train your brain and improve your IQ with our awesome collection of 130 Brain games that we collected for you. Let's start with the most value game (Brain Training Game 2016) to train your visual acuity, intelligence, skill, alertness and reflexes. You can try (Brain Builder) a game where you can train your brain.
Try 16 tests of memory, logic, decision speed, concentration, reaction and mathematics with the best results. Share your statistics to the leader boards and compete every day with other players to reach the top 1 in the smartest raking. Choose a team and discover how to get to have the most successful pizzeria in town, pick the recipes to prepare the best pizzas in the city, define the perfect price, to ensure the best gains and compete against the rival team who has made the biggest gain at 30 days wins in (Beauty or Brains). Play our exclusive game (Brain Out Online) the best Skill Game on kiz10, evaluates your logical think ability, reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity and answer the questions at the
right time to complete the levels. Train every day and be the best Brainer in the game. Do you want train your brain and fun at the same time? Play (Brain and Math) a score-based game where you have to find the numbers in correct order as soon as possible. There are three different gameplay modes: 1-Normal Mode: you have to touch numbers in the correct order, 2-Reverse mode: in the right order, you have to touch the numbers but inverted and 3 time mode: You have 120 seconds to touch all numbers from 1 to 70 inorder. Try to get better scores in each mode and challenge all your friends. These games usually have a set of rules, where players manipulate game pieces and physics like in (Jewelish Blitz), (Candy Rush 2) or (Brick Breaker 3D).
Other types of games can also immerse the player into a relaxing states and fantastic adventures like (Angry Brain Halloween) a Halloween skill game with the angry birds style. We have some brain games for girls like (Rapunzel Brain Surgery) where you have to become the doctor and help to repair the damage in the brain to make her feel good again, or ( Ursula Brain Surgery) a similar game with Ursula. You are very famous Doctor and need to a high-risk operation to save the people in (Operate Now: Brain Surgery). Our selected games are a great choice to make your day and train your brain with games like (Brain For Monster Truck), (Tropical Trip), (2d World), (Flammy).
You can play some similar games to relax or improve your skills and coordination with these fantastic games (Home sheep home 2) a game about 3 sheep that need to come back to their family, (Fruit Break Online) and prove you're a real ninja, (Alvin Chipmunks Paper Pilot) or (Transcopter). You can pick any puzzle game online, we have a great collection and the best is, our games are all free to play  all you need is your web browser. Increase your skills and play with our best selection of puzzle games like (Super Pineapple Pen), (Mr Bullet 2 Online), (Sand Ball) and more only on!



What are Brain Games?

Brain - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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