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What are the Super Mario Games?
The games that are in this category are from the popular Nintendo character known as Mario, a plumber who must rescue the princess from the mushroom kingdom, the princess peach from the evil Bowser, who is a dragon that can throw fire through his mouth and among many others. things more, this franchise became popular in 1983 when it was released for the NES console this game managed to win everyone's hearts for being the first platform game in history, the game with so much success would have sequels that would try to overcome the success of its predecessor, until today Super Mario Bros is one of the most beloved sagas by all for the nostalgia that many have when playing this incredible game.

Games at Super Mario Games
Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels Advanced: in this game we will control luigi who must save Princess Peach with the help of Mario, we will have to pass new levels never before seen by a nintendo fan, in the process we will have to solve puzzles to pass the Forgotten levels, this game will have a greater difficulty than the other Mario games, since this game will have more real physics, for example, when we finish a high jump there will be a moment in which our character will automatically go to the right as if he were slipping, the game also contains a new mushroom that will kill us if we touch it so we must be careful, the mushroom will have a skull on the head warning us that it is a dangerous mushroom, the game will have a new style a little more cartoonish with color Stronger but prettier, the characters will be more tender than their previous versions, the game never left China, so only few of us knew it as children here in all of Latin America, the game has several worlds which will be quite a challenge to pass, if you have nothing to do this game will keep you long since it will be one of the most difficult games you will have played.

Unfair Mario 2: this game is a joke, do not confide in anything because anything will make you lose, in this mario game you will have to be careful at all times if you want to win the game you will have to remember your previous steps in order to do not lose the game, everything is not what it seems, you wanted to step on the goomba from the beginning good if you step on it automatically you lose, you jumped to a platform that I tell you that the platform will have spikes when you go towards it, you will have a good look In the signs that will be on the road since they will give you a clue about what you will have to do in some cases, the game has the Mario skin of Super Mario Bros WiiU while the enemies will remain 2D as they always have been. , the game will be an impossible challenge since there will not be a single time in which you do not die, do not trust the classic pipes since these may have spikes, if you are someone who likes challenges this game will make you spend hours and hours of frustration trying to figure out
how to pass the level.

Wario Ware: When Wario is bored thinking about how he can make money on the news, it appears that video games are selling a lot, that's when Wario comes up with the crazy idea of ??creating his own game, this is where our adventure to create the best begins Possible game to become millionaires, we will have to put a name to save our progress once the name has been put we can start the adventure, the game consists of several games which will be easy and slow at first but that will get worse as we advance they will get more difficult and we will have less time, you will have to be fast and agile at the same time since some minigames will try to grab the stick at the right time, train hitting a ball, smash animals that are very similar to the goomba of the game Super Mario Bros between lots of fun games, help Wario to overcome all these levels and help him win the final boss this is every time you reach 10 points A final boss will appear but it will not be a boss so an enemy will not, the boss will be a minigame with a greater difficulty than those of their normal counterparts, the game is very fun and it is recommended to play it if you are bored of many platform games.

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