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In this category you can find several games in which we will have to help a soccer team to complete the level, we will be able to see several games which will be based on the very popular sport of Soccer, we will be able to find several games which will have rules equal to those that the sport but changing several factors such as the number of players, the size of the field among many other things, we will be able to see several games based on well-known series such as The Incredible World Of Gumball, Scandalous, The Young Titans In Action, etc. we can control or help each of these characters which will have very important games which will have to win, we can see that we can play in various stadiums which will have their unique characteristics, there will be some who will have several people as public which will be supporting us from far away, we will be able to see several well-known soccer teams in addition to being able to represent our country in some we games, simply one of the perfect categories for the sports lover.


Touch down
: when starting the game we can see a character in the middle of a completely white background, then we can choose between two options, if we want to improve the character we have equipped or if we want to start playing, if we are new we will have to press PLAY now that we may not have enough to improve the character, we will have to be very skillful since we will have to help a football player to be able to make a Touch Down, we will have to imagine all the way that we will have to travel while we press our mouse to In order to complete the level, our objective will be to reach Touch Down with the ball in hand in order to mark a point, we will have to think very carefully about our trajectory since every time we advance new obstacles will appear which will make it difficult for us to complete the levels, in the first level we will simply have to move very quickly in order to complete the level, there will be no pers one on the court so this level could be a kind of tutorial, once this is done we will have to be very skilled in the next level since our first enemy will appear, which will have a circle around him which will be the entire area that He will be able to walk, we will have to avoid approaching that enemy since if we get closer than necessary, he will take away our ball and we will have to start from the beginning, a great game in addition to being available for mobile devices ipad, iphone and android.

Nick Football Stars:
When starting the game we can see several well-known characters from the Nickelodeon cartoons, all of them will be chasing the most recognized character in the world, SpongeBob, who will be holding a football, to start playing we will have to press on the screen, once that is done we will have to choose which character we want to start playing, keep in mind that each character has their speeds and strength so you will have to decide wisely to know who to choose, after choosing our character we will have to face To other teams which will be rivals who try to remove the ball, first we will have to choose who starts in defense and who in attack, so we will have to choose a side of the coin that will be spinning all the time, then we can see that there will be a rival team to which we must defeat, we have to move with the directional arrows so we can move much faster, remember so that every time you defeat an enemy on your way you can fill your energy bar which will give you a higher speed in addition to being immune to attacks, a great sports game if you like American football and classic characters from Nickelodeon.

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