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in this category you can find games which will also be available for mobile devices, in these games we will have many unforgettable adventures next to well-known characters from movies and movies but we will also be able to find games with very well-made stories in addition to very good design, these games will be able to be played by people from mobile devices such as computer people, here you will find several games with the FLASH engine which will allow us to run most of these incredible games, once we know what it is because you do not get to try any of these incredible games.

HERO KNIGHT ACTION RPG: In this game we will start with a warrior running in the middle of a valley while they show us the title of the game and the configuration buttons appear, we can activate or deactivate the sound of the game so that we can fully concentrate on the game, if click on the information button we can see the credits of the game which will show us the names of all the people involved in this incredible project, once we want to start playing simply press on PLAY, the story begins when the whole town is on fire , once we see the whole case sown we will be able to see in the distance the monsters causing this fateful event, for which we will have to be very skillful when handling the sword since we will have to run to the right while eliminating several monsters which will run towards us so we will have to press on the icon with the sword so that we can Tackle any thing that is put in front of us, once we have everything done we will have to eliminate all possible enemies, we can also heal ourselves or increase our shield if we consume some potions which will help us in our adventure, use them only in case of emergency and that every time you eliminate monsters these will give you experience which will level you up, if you level up your maximum life level will increase and your life will be 100% full so only use potions in case you have low life , we can also go to a store which will sell us various objects that can help us along the way, we can buy potions, armor, swords, helmets and chests of luck which will give us a random object, each object will cost coins which we can find while we are eliminating our adversaries, once you buy the objects we will have to hit CONTINUE to continue our adventure, the game will have a pixelated design so it It will be a very easy game to run on all computers.

LOVE PINS: in this game we will have to help a couple which will be separated by several metal sticks which will block their path, after that we will have to help them by removing the sticks so that they can finally see each other and be together as a couple. , the game can be very simple at first but the more we advance we can see how there will be several levels which will be very difficult to overcome, first to remove a stick we will have to click on it so that it withdraws, if it has something blocking it, it will not It can be marked so we will have to make sure that it does not have any object obstructing its passage, if you like these strategy games this game will enchant you since we have several games with this style, the game is available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android.

If you liked this category, remember that every day we add new games to the categories, so this will always have a new game which will be waiting for you to play it, we hope you have fun with us and don't forget to have a good time here on kiz10.


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