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in this category we will be able to find funny games which will make us have a good time, we will have to be quite skilled in these games since most of them will be games in which we will have to discover the riddle, we will be able to find several games based on popular television series, We will be able to see several games created with the most famous graphic engines such as FLASH OR UNITY, we will have many games which will also be available for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android, we will be able to find several new games in addition to other games which will surely get us more than A smile, we will have to be very fast when completing these levels since most of the time they will have a time meter, then we will have to complete objectives which will help us to continue advancing in the story.


Teen Titans GO Minecraft Theenage Runer 3D: when starting the game we will be able to a robin with a very square style which will be performing several well-known dances on the internet, later we will be able to see that we will have several buttons which will help us to configure the game so that we can play comfortably, if we press the information button we can read all the terms and conditions which we accept when we start playing, when we start the game for the first time we will receive a completely free box which will help us to unlock our first character, later We can see in SHOP all the characters available to unlock, each character will be a character that appeared in the original Cartoon Network series, we can appreciate how we will be in the middle of a road in which there will be several cars which could make it difficult for us when to play, we will have to be quite fast when playing, once we start playing we can see how Our character that we chose will start to run in order to collect all the coins on the map, we will have to avoid many obstacles which we will find in the middle of the map, we will have to move very well since at the beginning several cars will appear and we will have to jump or slide them below of them to keep moving forward, we will have to be very smart when it comes to using the keyboard since most of the times we could be sure that we have to jump, but the view deceives us and in reality we simply had to slide, in this game You will have to run in a straight line while you are collecting various power ups and coins which will help you improve your final score, try to go as far as possible in this incredible racing game. Remember that you can always unlock new characters as long as you have the number of coins required.

Tower Crush: when starting the game we will be able to see how several levels will appear which will be blocked until we complete the first level, we will have to press on it to start playing, we will be able to press on the information button in which we will be able to see all the names Of all the people who participated in this incredible project, we will be able to visit the game store where we will be able to find all the weapons available to buy, in addition to the fact that we will be able to improve the floor so that we can endure much more attacks from our opponent, we will start with 1000 coins which will help us to improve our weapons that we have available, we will be able to improve and place various weapons which will help us to eliminate our opponent, when starting the game we will have to limit one by one to the towers of our enemy, to that we will have to choose which tower to aim to pass it to be able to demolish it, we will have to choose with our heads since our objective is It will only be that the peak of the tower touches the ground, a great game very fun as well as very easy to learn, the game is available for mobile devices ipad, iphone and android.

We hope you like all the games in this category, remember that you can explore new categories in which you can find games of your liking, without a doubt a very funny category which will make us laugh a lot, I hope to see you on another occasion and don't forget to smile.


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