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In this category you can find completely free games so you can play every day, we will be able to see several games which will have animated designs which will amuse us due to their humor we will be able to see many games based on famous series from different companies like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, We can find these and many more games completely free here in this category, if you like action games, adventure, science fiction, romance, strategy, platform and many other ways, here you can find several games which will surely help you, later we will have To be very skillful in some games since these will ask us to be very fast when it comes to completing them, we will be able to find several well-known games, a category that you will certainly like.


Super Hero Merge: in this game we will have to help several very famous heroes of the comics to be able to defeat all the villains, but this will not be just another action game but we will have to think very carefully about our movements since we will have to put together the correct numbers in order to grow and defeat the villain, we will have several heroes which each will have their predetermined number some heroes will be very high numbers while others will simply be numbers that everyone can get, we will have to slide each character card towards another of the same number to add it, once we have done that we can see how our card 1 will become a card number 2, the strategy of the game is to eliminate all possible enemies since each one will have their number in addition to each enemy leaving always regenerating, we will have to eliminate all the villains that we can since every time we eliminate them their number will increase to the point where perhaps They can outnumber us but don't worry since you will only have to avoid running out of movements because we will not have a time meter as usual in this kind of games, here only our only enemy will be our luck since we will need very good luck so that we always have cards of the number we need, we can see classic villains such as: Venom, Joker, Ultron, among many others who will pose a minimum challenge for our heroes in the comics, we can find various iconic characters such as: Batman, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Thor, SpiderMan among many other heores who will need your help, if you lose do not be discouraged since you can return to play when you want by simply clicking on the repeat level button, we will have to prevent them from ending all the movements, changing cards intelligently since this way we will be able to gain all the possible score and to be able to say that we are the best in this game, the background the menu will simply be a yellow color with a huge flash coming out of the center, we can see in the middle of the game how much score we have above us, we can play this incredible game on mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android, a game that you will certainly not you can lose it.

BasketBall Star: in the menu we will be able to see a character which will be doing tricks with the basketball ball, we will be able to see several buttons which will help us to configure the game to have a more comfortable experience, we will be able to deactivate or activate the sound of the game so that so we can only focus on the game, we will have to be quite skilled since in this game we will have to use our mouse to be able to move the character, once we want to start playing we will simply have to press the CHALLENGE MODE button, once the button we can see how we will have to choose between all the levels available in which we want to start, we can see that it will be a long way but we will have a reward that is worth it, a new character, remember that each character has its advantages and disadvantages in addition to being able to give it customization to our game, once we start we will have to prevent our character from getting too close to our hoop since As it is controlled by the computer, it is very likely that it will hit the ball the first time so we will have to avoid that shot by approaching and removing the ball from our hands, remember to advance with your mouse since the keyboard will be almost useless, a very fun in addition to being available for mobile devices.

In this category we will be able to find many completely free games for you to buy at any time you want, remember that new games will always appear first, so you had better be ready to try new experiences, we hope you continue playing with us and don't forget that kiz10 is for you 24/7 of the whole year.


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