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Red Ball Forever

Red Ball Forever

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Red Ball Forever
The new redball forever is here! Save the world from the monsters, and complete all levels but it?s harder when you have no arms or legs! Now Red must bounce, float, and roll his way around Black Ball?s fiendish traps to find the end, and complete all levels. Collect lot stars and unlock awesome skins for the ball. Enjoy in Kiz10 !

Play Red Ball Forever now at kiz10 this game is about a friendly red ball that has to progress through different levels until you reach the red flag.
You will have to go through different levels and different enemies until you reach the flag, you will have 3 hearts of life but if you fall into the water anywhere on the map all 3 will be exhausted.
The controls are simple as in any platform game:

Jump with: W
Move right with: D
Move left with: A

You have to be very careful because the enemies will be jumping from left to right to lower you 1 heart of life,
the spikes or thorns will also only lower 1 heart of life.
Jump between moving platforms and solve riddles with boxes, jump on top of the cubes to finish them and have an even bigger jump.
Use the environment to complete the level, move rocks intelligently to overcome certain scenarios that will test your skill and patience.

There is also a game mode in which you only have to hold down jump when necessary, since in that mode,
the camera will move and you will have to calculate the jumps to avoid falling. Besides, if you get 10,000 points you will unlock a new skin for our favorite ball.

You can Unlock New characters with different faces the more stars you collect the better,
Each character will be worth a certain amount of stars that you can get in the worlds.

The game has 14 levels that will get more difficult as you progress, if you press (PLAY MORE GAMES) it will send you to the main page of Kiz10 so that you can play more games of this type platform.

A game with fairly normal graphics that is available for computer, tablet and cell phones.

You can also see a help video that will show you how to play this game correctly just click on the image that will be at the bottom of the page and the video will run by itself.
You can also go from a television signal that is in the games next to the game sound configuration.

The game is very simple but fun that will make you think about how to complete that level that makes you lose so much.


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Published 19/06/2019


Video Gameplay : RED BALL FOREVER


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