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Crazy Games

In this category we collect the most crazy and extreme games of kiz10. This is a free category for all player that want to play super hard games, extreme action shooters, fighting racing, animal hunting and other similar types. This collection of 300 games will make you crazy. You can find 3d runner games to play in battleroyale mode with friends and online players, 3d bike games with fighting action in gameplay, extreme warfare with stickman characters, a soccer match with your favorite Cartoon Network characters, a police car crash simulator, and the best weapons to shoot with your sniper in a roof. Play this collection of crazy shooter games like (Stickman Armed Assassin: Going Down) a TPS game where you play as angry thin dude attempting to survive in a major shootout with a great ragdoll physics, slow motion and twenty levels to kill enemies, rescue hostages and defuse mines. Enjoy awesome battles
survive all missions and unlock the zombie mode to play with 4 friends in a multiplayer mode. Start a new adventure in (Stickman Team Force) and be the protagonist to neutralize the threat to bring order to the world. Defeat the high tech organization that want to take the streets of the world and wreak havoc. Are you ready for the chase? Try to escape in (Stickman Fugitive) from the forces of law and eliminate your enemies, use your weapons and survive the escape to home. Play our great flash game called (Stick Squad 4) with new sniper missions, a new shooting-range system where you can practice with different projectiles and improve your skill with your sniper rifle. Get ready to become a soldier, upgrade your guns and assault the enemy base to complete the levels. Enjoy this amazing collection of racing crazy games with (Burning Wheels Kitchen) and choose your favorite toy car to compete in races all over your
home. Play in single player or multiplayer mode to win and unlock all circuits and vehicles. Enjoy pure adrenaline in (Monsters wheels) and drive the giant monster trucks to reach the end line in the first place, perform tricks in the air to collect points and unlock more trucks to jump at high distance. For those players that want to feel crazy you can enjoy the adventures with your favorite game characters like Sonic, The Transformers, Teen Titans, Superman, Ironman, Super Mario, Tom and Jerry or Pokemon. The zombies make you crazy? Then take your weapons and don't let anyone alive in (Zombies ate my motherland), (Zombies Eat My Stocking), (Zombies Ate my Neighbors) or (Zombies Again). Take crazy bikes and perform crazy stunts with immortal stickmans in (Moto Bike Attack Race Master), keep your balance and tackle the obstacles with your bike along the way in (Wheelie Cross), rush to a late concert with your friends
and travel cross 30 levels of the tour with the band to discover the dangers of the world in (Rocking Wheels). Turn into a crazy gamer for a day and fight with your friends with our collection of stickman archer games in (Stickman Archer), (Stickman Archer 2), (Stickman Archer 3) and (Stickman Archer 4) there is no limit here!. Unlock achievements and be the top player of the site with the exclusive games with rewards of any type. Become a Skater, Surfer, Assassin, Boxing, Fighter, Samurai or anything your want with more than 1000 kiz10 games that you can play now! Our selected Crazy games are a great choice to make your day and find new friends in every crazy adventure. We have all type of shooters, police, zombie, sniper, helicopter, battlefield, defense, simulator, strategy and many others. Don't wait and take control of the most powerful armies in the world, control the most powerful helicopters and planes or
destroy everything in your path with the incredible and heavy tanks and ships. We add a new crazy game every day, and the best all are free to play, so don't waste your time and play all your favorite games and more only on   



What are Crazy Games?

Crazy - Fun games of all kinds, kiz10 has an extensive catalog of free games do not stop playing and have fun


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