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in this category, as its name says, you can find several games for boys which will be mostly action and adventure, here you can find games of all kinds, from FPS, platforms, strategists, etc. if you like games in which you can feel the real adrenaline this category is for you since you will be able to find several new games in addition to some very well known by people, we will be able to try games created with the UNITY graphic engine which will allow us to live a realistic experience, we will be able to find several games based on popular television series in addition to parodies of well-known console video games.


SpeedWay Racing: when starting the game we can see in the menu a very elegant car which will be on a highway driving quickly, we will have to press PLAY to start playing, we can deactivate or activate the sound and music of the game so that we can concentrate only on the game, we can see all the money we have collected in the upper right to know if we can buy a new car, we can buy several new cars with different designs which will have their advantages and disadvantages, we will have a total of 5 cars to buy so we will need many coins to have them all, once we press play we can see several different game modes for us to play, we will have 3 different modes which will have different game mechanics some more difficult than others, we will have to choose very well which way to start since if you are someone already experienced in this game you can choose the way Champinship which will allow you to play a more competitive mode, if we are new the SINGLE game mode could help us to start, by pressing in this mode we can see all the levels available to play, when we have a level already chosen we can see a screen load which will show us two cars in a race, then we can see that a counter will appear which will indicate when the race starts, we will have to move with WASD OR the directional arrows to move and perform our movements, we will have to be very careful in the curves since if we go too fast we could end up hitting a wall or turning them over, we will have to win all the cars that we get as adversaries since we will have to finish first if we want to have a good final score, every time we go Leveling up we can see how more cars will begin to join the point where we will have to be careful since almost all the cars are they will crash when trying to make a turn.

Soda can Knockout: when starting the game we will be able to see how there will be several buttons which will help us to configure the game to have a truly fun experience, we will be able to adjust the level of SFX we want to be able to play the game we simply have to press the button configuration, if we want to expand the screen we will simply have to press the button in which we can see several arrows which will be expanding, once we give it play we will have to choose what level we want to start playing, we will have several options but if we are new we will have to start from level 1, in level 1 we will have to knock down a lot of cans which will be stacked in the shape of a pyramid, we will have to click on the screen to be able to shoot, we will have a limited number of balls so we must be very fast when aiming, then we will have to point with our left click at the cans so that the ball is directed exactly tately where we were aiming, a very nice game in addition to being a game in which we can test our skill and aim with the mouse.

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