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in this category we can find racing or athletics games, if you like games where you have to compete for the first place you can find this kind of games and more here in this incredible category, most games in this category will be 3D and 2 players to play and compete with your friends, if you want to play games in which you can find new unforgettable experiences with great games which will fascinate you, racing games will be based more on concentration since if we made a mistake in a movement we could lose the entire game.

PARKKOUR RUN: in this game we will start in the middle of a city which will be moving to the right slowly, once the loading screen is finished we will be able to press play to start playing, in the menu there will be several buttons which will give us enough options, if we press the expansion sign we can put the game in full screen resolution so we can see everything bigger, in the menu we can configure the sound and sound effects of the game, once we play our character It will start running until we find an obstacle, once we find a block that will prevent us from running we will have to press SPACE to jump over the obstacle, once we go through that block we will see how a sign will prevent us from running like this that we will have to slide down this to be able to continue, once past the sign we will have to jump towards a building which we will have to break the windows of the ve ntana to be able to pass, afterwards we will have to keep jumping obstacles to be able to continue advancing and increasing our score, once done after all this we can continue with the game normally, remember that if you slide you will take time to get back up so if you are near a cliff you must stop pressing the key to slide from much earlier, if we lose the level and fall to the bottom of everything we will see a screen which will say GAMER OVER and show our score in addition to showing us our best score, the game will have movements realistic so we will have a slightly more realistic experience, in addition to that everything will have a dark and very simple environment so we will not need a powerful computer, having said this it could be said that this is the best realistic PARKOUR game, in addition that it is completely free.

Lucky Looter: in this game we will start with a thief we will have to rob a boy's house while the guards will be looking for us so we will have to hide in a box which will automatically position itself every time we release the click of the screen, it prevents the guards discover you collecting all the objects you can with your mouse cursor, if a guard looks at you his light will turn red and he will go running towards you since he will know that you are picking yourself in a box, avoid that the guards look at you avoiding show you in their lanterns, the house you rob will have several objects and each of them will surely be worth a lot, so we will have to try to take as much as we can, if the police catch us we will have to start again, you can also buy new skins with What you have stolen simply go to the menu and press the button where it says SKINS, in the level we can complete 3 stars which will help us discover if we have taken all the objects, If you like strategy, speed and agility games, you will love this game. The game is available for mobile devices, Android, iPhone and Ipad.

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