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in this category we can find games for children in which we can play games without any problem since these will not contain any type of violence, these games will be more fun since most will be games based on famous series, in this category you can find several games which will be made with the FLASH graphics engine so it will not be a problem if you have an old computer, these games will be mostly for mobile devices so we can also enjoy these games on our mobile phone, a quite fun category if you want to try new games,

BEAT LINE in this game we will start in a menu in which we will be able to see several figures rising from each other, while in the middle we will be able to see a solitary cube which will be on top of a block, we will be able to see several buttons which will help us to configure the game, we want to deactivate or activate the sound of the game, the music of the game will be electronic style so we will have to be very coordinated with the rhythm since this will help us to win the games, the game will have a neon atmosphere so we can see that the background will be dark but there will be very bright colors such as blue, purple, once we want to start playing we must press on the screen so that our cube begins to move, after that a path will appear which will guide us where we have to go, we have to get to the end of this moving from left to right changing from side to side, the game will ask us for too much concentration since we will have to know when to press on the screen the to change direction, we will have to be quite skillful to reach the end and thus be able to advance to the next level, but if you pitifully fail there is no problem since you can try again with options that will give us the same game, a fairly fun if you like games in which we have to keep up.

Stack Colors: in this game we will have to move a stickman who must collect several colored panels which will be pulled by the suleo, we will have to pay close attention to our color since we can only collect that color, we will have to move our character with our cursor while keeping moving to the side we want it to go, the game will have a simple design so it will be very easy to run it on your computer, then we will have to collect all the panels to be able to increase them to our collection which It will serve for something very important, we will have to handle our cursor very well since if we do not succeed and we run out of panels we will have to start from the beginning, when we reach the end of the map we will see an accelerator which we will have to fill by clicking many times on the screen, we will have to be very fast clicking as this will define how long our panels will go, because when it finishes running, our This character will kick the panels to send them flying, in the game we will have several skins of the sweeper which will cost coins that can be obtained while we are playing.

We hope you have fun and don't forget to visit more categories, remember that you can always see several new games at the beginning of our page so there will always be something new to play, we hope you have fun and don't forget to smile.


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