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in this category we will be able to find games in which we will have to jump through various platforms in order to reach our goal which will almost always be true love, we will have to travel through many worlds which will be full of enemies that will try to stop us at all costs, this class of games can also be known as platformers since we will have to jump from one side to another on many occasions, the game that started the platform fashion was the game Super Mario Bros in which we could run and jump through many worlds that we never before we had seen, we will have to be quite fast since if we do not complete the levels on time we will lose the game and we will have to start from the beginning, the best games you will find here since you can find rhythm games, popular series games among many others You will love this category.


BEST JUMPER: EDM up!: In this game we will start with a ball which will be in the middle of a whole path of floating platforms, then we will be able to see several buttons which will help us configure the game so that we can play better, if we want to activate or To deactivate the sound of the game we will simply have to click on the icon of a megaphone speaking, we will be able to see all the coins that we have collected so far, after that we will be able to see buttons below and one will be with a pending notification which will have the word READY! below it, if we press it we can see an ad to win coins completely free, after that we can see an icon of a ball which will serve to change the skin of our ball, we can choose from many available skins but first we must get coins which will help us buy more skins, once we have seen everything we can start playing, first we will have to press PLAY so that our ball begins to bounce on all platforms, once we are in the air we will have to move our Mouse from left to right to be able to move the map in order to fall right on a platform, we will have to be fast since our ball will be bouncing faster and faster so you will have to concentrate more in order to reach the end, without a doubt one of the most difficult games you will face, so you better start practicing in order to show that you are the best.

Super Star Bounce: in this game we will start with a loading screen which will have a carrot staring at us, once the loading screen is finished we will be able to see an orange ball which will be bouncing without stopping until we move it, to move it towards the front we will have to keep our left click, but if we want to make it plummet we will have to simply press our left click, once we start to move we can see how points will appear which will help us to move faster, each time we collect these points we will increase our speed to the point where we will be lifted to the sky where even more points await us, we will have to go as far as possible to be able to earn more points, we will have to depend mostly on luck since if we do not have any point on which to bounce , we will fall into the water below which will eliminate us completely, when we die and fall into the water we can see several power ups which They can be bought with stars which are achieved the more meters we travel, we will have a wide variety of power ups like, an imam which will attract more points to us, then we can buy a power up which will make our ball even thicker, among many others, once the power ups are purchased we can start playing again using the retry button which will be below the power ups, a pretty cute and very addictive game.

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