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Minecraft World

Minecraft World

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Minecraft World

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Enjoy online Minecraft World, a new Minecraft-style game. Collect blocks of different materials, food of all kinds, get lots of wood and get ready to use your beak and ax to hunt animals and have a good time while facing dangerous enemies. 

In this world full of cubes you can create everything you want the only limit will be your imagination, we can chop the ground or the stone by pressing the left click once.

When starting the game we will have to start a new world by pressing (NEW WORLD) but if you have already played this game you can load your previous worlds in (LOAD GAME).

You can build or destroy at ease in this infinite world game, you will also meet enemies or (MOBS) who want to kill you, your life is the hearts that are above your inventory, when those hearts reach zero you will die and you will lose all your belongings but you can revive and continue playing in your world normally.

To attack and collect cubes press left click
To eat hold right click
Press 1-9 to choose items from your inventory
Press t to launch the object you have in hand.
Press space to jump or press twice in a row to fly around the world
(EYE remember that there is fall damage so do not disable the ability to fly when you are very high).

Create your house so that monsters are not a big problem for you,
remember to eat to regenerate life and endure many more blows,
in your world there will be chests scattered all over the land,
Open them with a left click and a random object will emerge that will help you survive, nor should we forget about everyone's favorite enemy. The Crepper will explode if you get too close to it, keep your distance and you will be safe.
Other enemies that we will have will be the Ghast ghosts that will make us explode if we do not avoid their fireballs that they will launch from their mouth, and finally the slimes, the slimes will jump towards you, as they are very weak they are not a very dangerous threat that we say.

Collect material of all kinds from wood to stone so you can create the house of your dreams.
Kill sheep that you will meet from time to time to get food, break trees to get apples, save all the food you can.
You will also have to be careful with the lava since it will take away a lot of life if you spend too much time on it.
The water can also kill you, if you spend a lot of time in the sea you can drown and your hearts will begin to drop until reaching zero.
This game is available for computers, android devices, ipad, iphone and laptops.
Enjoy the game.


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Published 26/11/2019



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