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in this category you will find all the kiz10 games, here you can find games of any kind, action, adventure, platforms, we can find several games in which we will have to be very fast since there will be obstacles which we can simply jump but will delay us in our adventure, we can also find the classic FPS games which will help us to know a little more about the weapons besides being extremely fun, we will have several very fun games just for you completely free plus you knew that you could find games from your favorite series like, The incredible world of Gumball, adventure time, the young titans in action, among many others, we hope you have fun and do not forget that if you want to see the latest new games you can go to the main menu.

Toon Cup 2020-Cartoon Network Football Game: in this game created by the entertainment company Cartoon Network, in this game we will be able to face in a soccer game the most beloved characters, here you will find several stars such as: Gumball, Darwin, Raven, Robin, Polar, Panda, Jake the dog, ben 10 among many others, in the menu we can configure various game settings, if you want to deactivate or activate the sounds of the game simply press the icon of a talking megaphone, once there we can see that we will have 3 buttons, to start playing we will have to press on TOURNAMENT, once there we will have to choose our team, we will be able to find the entire continent of AMERICA but if you want to see other countries simply click on the arrow that will be on your left, one Once there we will have to choose the captain of our team so choose very well since all the characters have unique abilities some characters will be since we will have to complete certain or objectives to be able to control them, once our captain has been chosen we will have to choose our other players, after having completed our team we will be able to start playing, first they will show us the tutorial the caul is very basic, later we will be able to start the game that we want so much first we will have We have to take the ball while we go quickly towards the goal, we will have several enemies who will try to remove the ball so we will have to be very fast when kicking the ball, the team that has the most accumulated goals when it ends will win time, we will have to win 3 games to be able to advance towards the final in which we will face one of the best teams that came from the other side, remember that you can improve all your favorite characters with the coins which we got in the middle of the games , we will have to be very skillful since the enemies will be able to take our ball from us and sometimes they can be very fast Yes, we will have to maintain SPACE to load our kick, which if we manage to aim well and achieve a PERFECT will be an assured goal for our team but the enemy team can do the same so we do not have to let them advance much towards our goal, we can unlock new skins for our ball, new stadiums in which we will have new epic games among many other things, a pretty fun game besides that you can go up in the world rankings through an internet connection so you can show who is in command, what do you follow here? Quickly enter and show that you are number one.

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