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You can Play The Most Popular Mario Games for free at Kiz10 all love it the Mario and friends adventures in Kiz10 have all Mario Games type, Classic Super Mario Game, Super Mario Bros 3,Super Mario Odyssey,More Super Mario Kart,Mario and Luigi Motorbike Puzzle and more Mario Games. Every Day Kiz10 have new games, Action Games,Adventure Games,Clasic Games,Retro Games,Jump Games and more only enjoy the games and fun.

MARIO is a fictional character from the Super Mario saga, the character was created by Shigeru Miyamoto for the Nintendo game company, in addition to being the company's mascot since he made several appearances in video games, television series and movies, it has been Positioned as the emblematic icon of the NINTENDO company, in addition to becoming one of the most famous and recognized characters in the video game industry, he has a brother named Luigi who is usually his partner in some games, even helping him on his mission. to rescue princess Peach from the clutches of the villain Bowser, after all this we will be able to know what kind of games we will find here, so if you are a fan of everyone's favorite plumber, this category will interest you.

Fishy Escape: in this game we will start with a screen which will show us the controls and the objective of the game, we will have to run throughout the Mushroom Kingdom while several enemies and fish will try to eliminate us in order to finish us off, we have to avoid that , to move we will have to use the directional arrows which will be on our keyboard, to jump we will have to press X and to run we will have to hold Z if you want to pause the game at any time to think about your next movement you will have to press ENTER, once read All the controls we can start playing, first we will have to press ENTER to start the game, once there we will see Toadette who will be in the middle of a flooded map while several enemies will be waiting for her, after that we will have to start walking since When the level starts we will see that the map will begin to flood because of it or that we will have to be very fast, after that we will see how or several known enemies of the Mario franchise will be there like the classic flying fish which when they see us will go towards us with superhuman speed among many others, first we will have to jump several enemies which we will be waiting for but we will always have to be watching always, the giant Cheep Cheep will be watching and moving throughout the area so that we can not touch the water since if we do this it will eat us in one bite by doing an INSTAKILL which means that it eliminates us with a single attack, to avoid it I recommend that always be as high as possible so that this fish does not reach you, the real problem will be when the map begins to flood as we will have to find a way to survive without touching or being close to the water, every time we collect coins, we will increase our score which we can see at the top left, get all the possible score go as far as you can and don't forget to have fun.

SUPER DIAGONAL MARIO: in this game he parodies the real Mario Bros. we will have to start loading game which will be on the menu, we will have to choose which character we want to start, this game was technically made to make us laugh for a while so if you are looking for a game Seriously you can see others, once our character is chosen we can see how we will have more than 99 lives and we will be on the main island of Super Mario World where we will find several great changes, first the levels will have different mechanics so we will have to be careful now that nothing is what it seems this game has everything changed but the controls are still the original ones so we could complete the level, if you like parody games this game is for you.

We hope you had fun with this incredible category, do not forget to play more games with us, remember that every day we add new games to the website, or that there will always be something new to try, have fun, have fun and do not forget to play here at kiz10 las 24 hours a day for you.


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