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in this category we can find several games in which we will have to escape from a specific enemy or from a place, we can find several games in which we will have to help our main character and his friends to be able to flee from a place which will put them in danger, in this kind of games there is almost always a murderer or villain who will be chasing us all the way which will not let us give us a very long respite, but sometimes we will only have to flee from a place which will be about to collapse and we will have to run as fast as we can in a straight line in order to survive, in these games they will mostly be available also for mobile devices such as iPad, IPHONE, ANDROID, these games are mostly more popular on cell phones since we They ask us to concentrate because the more we advance, the more complicated our entire scenario will be, for example, there will be more traps, more places where we can fall into the void, among many others.

when starting the game we can see how we will be in the background several strange minerals which we will have to capture to complete the level, once we have everything ready to play we will simply have to press NEW GAMES, but if you have already played this game and want continue where you left it you can press Continue, if we press Options we can see all the options of the game so that we can configure them, we can activate or deactivate the sound of the game simply by selecting On or Off, once we press New Gamees we will have to choose What level of difficulty do we want for the game, if we are new we will have to choose the normal mode, once we load our map we can see that we will have a drill in the middle of a large cave in which we can find various elements which will be trying to destroy us , first we will have to think very carefully about our movements since we will have to control the arrow with WASD pa To move it everywhere, to shoot we will simply have to press left click and to receive a speed which can help us to escape simply press SPACE, remember that in this kind of game the important thing is to level up so that we can cause more damage, we will have We have to be very fast when shooting since we will have a wide terrain so that several enemies can attack us from different areas at the same time, we will have to wait for them to regenerate in order to complete that segment, first we will have to complete all the Segments in order to open the portal which will take us to the next level, but be careful as this will not be as easy as you think since you will have to cross different enemies which will launch energy spheres at you or try to approach you in order to be able to lower life, remember that you can only use one special ability at a time since after using one you will have to wait for our energy bar to fill again, the game has a style quite similar to the indie game The Binding Of Isaac which was created by Danny Baranowsky and is one of the most played games for its macabre story, if you like dungeon games this game will surely fascinate you .

RPS Stickman:
when we start the game we will be able to see a background with a blue color in which we will only be able to see the PLAY button, once we start playing we will be able to see that two platforms will rise so that we can show the opponents which will have a stickman design, first we will have to wait for our opponent to remove an object, we will have to guess which one he chose in order to beat him if he is targeting us, the shooting rules will be the same as that of the common game Rock, Paper, Scissors in which each one it could be destroyed depending on what we get, remember Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper and Paper beats Rock, do not forget these rules as they could define who wins and who does not, the game will be accumulation of points that is every time that we eliminate our enemy we will receive a point, the one with the most points wins at the end of time, remember that you have to wait for your character to be aiming at your opponent since our character is ra moving the weapon from top to bottom so we will have to measure the exact moment to shoot.

We hope you had a lot of fun with us and don't forget that you can always see new games at the beginning in the first row, don't forget that all these games will always be here completely free just for you, so what are you waiting for? All these games will ask you for a little intelligence and strategy so we will have to think very carefully about our movements.


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