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Boxing is a punch sport which 2 persons fight in a ring with professional gloves. The hit box in this sport is from the middle of the body to the head, and they need to fight in a 12 brief rounds and following a strict regulations like the weight, fight time and hit places. At the beginning this sport was specially for men and through the years and with new woman rights, now there are Women Boxing. This sport start in Greece and its one of the most old sports in the world. The first records of the implementation of boxing in the recent times was 1743 with the first rules by John Broughton. In 1865 the boxing implement the final rules until today and now is one of the famous sports. There are many tournaments in the world
with the best  fighters of all time like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, George Foreman, Julio Cesar Chavez, Joy Jones Jr, Rocky Marciano and more!. With the rise of the boxing around the globe, many  games with realistic gameplay hit the ring, with real characters like Rocky, Ivan Drago and other fighters from movies. Every year a new game is released to the  collection for the gaming consoles like Fight Knight Champion, Real Boxing, Creed Rise to glory, Knockout Kings, Ready 2 Rumble , Super Punch, Wi sports and others. On kiz10 we collected 10  games that you can play with your friends or against the IA in your browser or mobile devices.
You're a good fighter? Then try to become a champion in (Boxing Live), fight against your opponents, prepare yourself and train a lot to dominate the world of Ring with this amazing game. Play (Boxing Live 2) the sequel of the first game with new features like create your own fighter, give a name, a nickname, and select your favorite city to live. Customize your hair, face, skin, gloves, and clothes, hire your trainer and complete the tasks to become the champion. Win all the fights and upgrade your character strength, speed and resistance to fight more powerful battles in this incredible Boxing simulator for Flash and HTML5 Browsers. Get on the ring in (Boxing Superstars Ko Champion) and try yo be the World champion with
your punch, demonstrate your abilities and knockout all your friends. Do you like physics and arcade games? Then try (Boxing Physics) and try to hit your opponents with many objects to win, you can play in single player or multiplayer with other online people o kiz10. You think you have what it takes to reach the top and become the next great Boxing Star? Then enter the world of fights and rise all the way up to become the World Champion, arm yourself with custom gloves, upgrade your skills and Knock'em Out with a Mega Punch in (Boxing Rampage) a game with realistic graphics and the best effects. Try (Boxing Physics 2) the second part of this amazing arcade game with new levels and awesome physics.
We have other types of fighting games like Boxing in our collection that you can play  now. Become a doctor in (Boxing Surgery Sim 2000) and help all the fighters to recover from the damage after the battle in the ring, train hard and fight the best fighters of all time, make connections and get the gloves of the same color in groups of 3 to strike your opponent in (Muhammad Ali Puzzle King). For the stickman fans we have (Stickman  KO Champion) a new  game with stickman fighters with 4 game modes. Fight using a variety of devastating punches, combos, Jab, cross, uppercut and dodge the opponent attacks, and be the best warrior. Put yourself in the shoes of a professional boxer and participate in the biggest boxing tournament in the world.
Try to defeat all your opponents in the ring by hitting hard punches and fast hooks with all your strength to knock them out before they leave you K.O in (Punch Boxing Championship) or punch your opponent until you make him bleed, with no mercy in (Hot Blood Boxing) a game with lot blood, amazing animations and cartoon characters. Take advantage of your opponent's and play the best Boxing games anywhere with your friends only on    



❤️ What are the best Boxing Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. Boxing Live 2
  2. Boxing Live
  3. Hot Blood Boxing

What are Boxing Games?

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