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A dragon is a mythological being that appears in various ways in various cultures of the world, with different associated shadows, there are two main traditions about dragons: the derived European dragons
of the European popular traditions and the motilogy of Greece and the Middle East, and then there are the Oriental dragons of Chinese origin but also known as Japan, Korea and other Asian countries, both
traditions arose probably independently but in their development they have influenced each other, in this category you can find games about dragons in which we can see
these mythological creatures in video games, remember that all the games available here can be played on any computer so you do not have to worry about it, we can see that some
games will be available for mobile devices that is to say that we will be able to play some of the games in this category from our homes or wherever we are, we will be able to appreciate various games in the
which we will have to escape from these motilogical beasts, but in some games we will even be able to control them so that we will be able to find several very amusing games, we will be able to see that few
Games will use the UNITY graphics engine which will make us have a more realistic and dynamic experience.

In this category you will learn about Dragons and play games to get fun. Most dragon games start with the best fantastic movies, like How to train your dragon saga, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Godzilla or Dragon Heart. The dragons are a mythological creature common in some cultures around the world with different symbols and flags. The most famous dragons make popular in China and other Asian communities. Dragon word come from the Greek that means Snake look.  Dragons are like reptiles with different shapes and very big bodies with wings like the crocodiles without the wings. Some other cultures think that dragons are gods or guardians that protect the people from the evil. The most close similar animal to the dragons are the dinosaurs discovered in many cultures, and they think that dragons still alive in far and unknown places out of our way.
There are many movies in which some dragons are protagonist like in Harry potter when Harry fights against dragon in the harry potter and the goblet of fire, The hobbit the desolation of smaug, Petes Dragon, The Great Wall or Eragon saga. On kiz10 we collected more than 150 Dragon games that you can play in single player alone or multiplayer with friends on your computer or any mobile device. Defend yourself against an onslaught of enemies with the help of your mighty dragons in (Mighty Dragons) Collect items and increase your abilities to face increasingly difficult battles, protect your kingdom from the old Dragon, built a fortress that can withstand their attacks in (Dragon Fortress) and find resources to build your castle stronger than ever to resist the dragon attack. Help the dragon in (Drake and The Wizards 2) to collect diamonds along the way and be careful with your enemies. 
spitting fire to fight and protect the creatures of the magical forest. Create a powerful dragon at your whim, choose the race, the color, skin type, the wings, horns, eyes and prepare to fly in (Fly my Dragon). Fly through the skies through 5 different environments collecting valuable gems and dodging the obstacles that prevent you from getting in your way. Explore a fascinating prehistoric 3D world in the skin of a Dragon, collect points and take care of other dragons to change the course of history and conquest the earth. Dive into a Forgotten Sea, with a mythical underwater dragon and become into the champion of Aquatic Gods completing all the missions and defeating all the evil monsters in ( a multiplayer game to play with friends in the same keyboard or online mode with 2 mobile devices.                   
Take command of a giant and ancient, guardian of Mother Earth Dragon known as Wolfein and bring destruction, chaos, and lay ruin all the ungrateful humans on planet in (Monster Rampage). Don't miss our exclusive Dragon games with this collection of 8 games with achievements like (Drag N Boom Online) an adventure game with a little dragon that destroy everything, (Super Dino Fighter) a fighting game with robot dinosaur dragons equipped with weapons, (Castle Defense Online) where you have to defend the castle against dragons and other creatures that will try to destroy everything, (Bullethell Adventure 2) a beautiful shooting game with more than 20 levels, many enemies and giant bosses to defeat.               
Check out the new available free to play games like (Monster Crusade), (Wild King), (Rubble Trouble Tokyo), (Alien Vs Predator), (Pokemon Mega) or (Dragon Fortress). Control the most deadly and giant dragons to destroy the human people and be part of this myth. If you like the prehistoric story this is the place for you!. We manually select the best dragon games in the world and you always can get fun for free. This is the best place to play our your favorite games, we have a great community of players, kids, teenagers and many people that love games. Pick your favorite game online on!  


T Rex N Y Online:
When starting the game we can see that a dinosaur which will have several weapons hanging on its arms which will make it a real threat, we can see that it will be walking all over the city while
that we will be shown all the menu buttons, if we want to deactivate or activate the sound of the game we will simply have to press the sound button which will be at the top of the
right, once we want to start playing we will simply have to press the purple PLAY button, once we press that button we can see that we will have a panel which will show us
all the buttons of the game, we will be able to see that we will have several buttons which we will have to know by heart to be able to advance in the game, to move we will have to use the directional arrows
To be able to move to all sides, and to perform actions such as blows or use your weapons, simply press the Z and X keys, if you are playing from mobile devices you will see some buttons on the
the screen which you will have to press, our objective will be to survive as long as possible, we will have to eat people who will be running from us, we will be able to collect coins which will be
scattered throughout the map and we will have to destroy everything, once we have read the tutorial we can start playing, we will have to dodge several projectiles that will be launched to eliminate us in addition
of explosive mines which will be in the middle of the whole territory, we will have to be very skillful when playing and controlling the dinosaur since we will have several obstacles which we will have to jump
or destroy, we will have to try to reach the bridge which will be very far from us, we will have to be very fast when it comes to running since after a long time destroying the city a helicopter will appear
which will be launching missiles directly at us, remember that you can bite everything in front of you by simply pressing Z, if we fail in our mission and our dinosaur stays
without life we ??will have to start the level again, we will be able to improve our dinosaur with all the money that we have obtained in the game, we will be able to add improvements as weapons, defense as armor the
which will help you to withstand many more explosions among many other things, remember that all these improvements will cost coins so you better know how to use them correctly, go as far as
the bridge and destroy it so that you can become the owner of the city.

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