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in this category you will find games in which we will have to play with a basketball while trying to put it in a hoop, it sounds easy but believe me it is not, you can find several games in
those that ability and patience will be a dominant factor, we will be able to see how most of all these games will be available for mobile devices that is because this genre is well known and more
played on cell phones, but you can still enjoy all these games on your computer, first you will have to be very aggressive when trying to launch the ball since we will have to hit the network which
It will be very far from us, it is possible that most of these games are executed with the FLASH graphics engine, so we can run all these games without any problem, if you want to enjoy games
in which you have to have a good aim these games are for you, remember that you can always have fun with us and don't forget to have a good time.

HoverBoard Stunts Hill Clumb:
when we start the game we will be able to see in the background a modern electronic device very well known lately as Electric Scooter Skateboard, we can see that this skateboard will be
in the middle of a wooden ramp so we can deduce that all the maps we will be on will be like this, once the loading screen is finished we can press PLAY to
start the game, first we will have to choose at which level we want to start, if we are new we will have to start from level 1 but if we had already played this game before we can see that our
levels will be saved so we can continue where we left off, once we choose level 1 we can see that we will be in the middle of a desert while a track made of
wood, we can see that our scooter will be ownerless so we will have to get out of there to complete the level, we will have to be very careful because if we fall into the sand we will have
to start from the beginning, we can move with WASD to direct our scooter to different places on the level, we will have to be very careful since the sensitivity with which the
scooter is very low so it is recommended to think very well where you are going, we can see on the screen that we will have the speedometer which will be measuring the speed at which we are
if you are at a very high speed it will be better for you to stop since you could find yourself in a scenario in which you have to stop but the speed at which you were moving will not allow it, we can
see a button which will allow us to see an ad so that we can pass the level, only use this in extremely complicated levels, we will have to move to the blue arrow which will be pointing to a place
from the map, once we reach the arrow we can see that we will go to the menu since from there we can choose the next level which will already be unlocked, we will have to reach the arrow in all
the levels in order to win the game, remember that we will have to be very skillful with the controls since several circuits will be full of traps and jumps which we will have to complete without being eliminated
or fall into the void,

Dunk Up:
when starting the game we can see that in the menu there will only be the button of skins of the ball and the button to be able to activate and deactivate the volume, to start playing we will simply have to press
on the screen in order to start playing, in this game we will have to launch the ball from the network to the other network by pointing with our mouse, we will have to point very well since we will have several
factors which could harm us, we will have to help ourselves with the line which will be pointing to where our ball will go, we will have to get as high as we can in order to achieve
more points and thus be able to be the best, we will have to be very fast since if we do not manage to go to the other network we will have to start from the beginning erasing our progress but our score will remain
saved to improve it, we can buy several skins for the basketball which will give us more style when playing.

We hope you had fun with all the games in this category and don't forget that you can always find new games at the beginning of the first row, remember that kiz10 will be connected all day
so you can enter whenever you want, don't forget that all these games will always be completely free.



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