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In this category you can find several games in which we will have to fish different types of fish which will be loose by the sea, so we will be able to catch them with a fishing rod, we will be able to find several games in which we will have to control our character the which will try to catch fish to be able to gain points, later we will be able to see games in which we will take the role of fish and we will have to escape from a place, sometimes we usually find games that will use the FLASH graphic engine, we will have to be very skillful with our keyboard and our mouse to be able to complete all these levels, we will be able to see games which will also be available for mobile devices like IPAD, IPHONE AND ANDROID, we will be able to see that most of the games that will be in this category will be 2D, so any computer can run them, without a doubt a good category if you like strategy games, you can watch games based on your favorite series on television, if you like animated series games here you can find several games which will meet your wishes, we can see that all games will have to use a keyboard to control them in addition to that we can configure all the adjustments of the game if this allows us but in most cases this is possible.

When starting the game we can see how this will give us the option to choose which language we want to understand the dialogs and controls, we will have several languages ??available to choose from such as Spanish, English, German, French among many others, then we can see how a fisherman will appear who will be in the middle of an entire ocean posing epically so that we can look good for the menu, then we will be able to see various buttons which will help us configure the game and its settings, we will be able to deactivate or activate the sound of the games simply by clicking on it in the sound button which could help us to focus only on the game or if we want to place our own music, if we press the settings button we can see several buttons which will help us configure the game for a more comfortable and fun experience , we can change restart all our progress as our achievements and our progress but this would be irremovable so it is not very recommended to do it unless you want to start everything from the beginning, we will be able to see the instructions of the game which will help us to understand the game and its mechanics before starting to play, first we will have to touch the screen so that the network is falling towards the sea after we can slide your finger across the screen to fish all the fish that are possible our goal will be to fish all the fish and treasures that we can find the more we go down into the sea, we can improve our network in addition to trying to fill a room trophies which will be completely empty, when touching the screen our character will launch the hook of the fishing rod very hard towards the sea which will make us see all the fish that are out there, once our tour has finished we will start to climb slowly which will benefit us since we will be able to see all the fish that we saw before in addition to that we will have an idea of ??where they are located, once we this bucket is full our rod will quickly return to the surface, after we reach the surface we can start counting all the fish we catch plus we will earn money depending on the kind of fish we catch, we can also find lost diamonds and jewelry in half of our way so do not hesitate to grab them, once you have all the money to improve your cube simply press the button that will say CUBE SIZE, which will make it possible for us to capture more cube in order to collect more money, We can improve the price of the fish. In addition, if we want to go deeper we will have to pay a sum of money, remember that all good fish are always found under the sea, there are more than 10 fish which you will have to catch and put on your shelf. trophy, without a doubt one of the best games in this category as well as being available for movie devices, ipad, iphone and android.

in this category we will be able to find several fishing games which you will surely love, we will be able to see several new games in addition to being completely free only for you which you will be able to play whenever you want, do not forget that kiz10 always adds new games to the website so we will always have something new to play, we hope you have fun and don't forget to have fun with us here at kiz10.


❤️ What are the best Fishing Games to play on phones and tablets?

  1. Spongebob Endless Jump

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