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in this category we will only find the two games of the saga One Night At Flumpy´s which is a parody of the 2014 old horror game Five Nights At Freedy´s, the game was created by Jonochrome in addition to being a parody of FNAF this game It will also have its unique touches as the characters, if in FNAF we had to survive attacks by murderous animatronics, here in One Night At Flumpy we will have to face well-known characters including the character of Flumpty's stories which is obviously based on the Humpty Dumpty character fairy tale character who was very popular due to its design which was simply an egg with eyes and limbs, then we can face his companions who will be trying to help us to eliminate us, in this category we will have to be very speak since all the games in this saga will only be for one night but there will be a small detail, it will be the most difficult night of your life since being only one night in total we will have to try to survive until 6 am now, without a doubt in this category you will have to review all the cameras until we can find the correct one, we will have to be very skillful with our mouse since several characters will start to move to the same time, if you like horror games this category is for you.


One Night At Flumpy´s
when starting the game we can see how Flumpy´s will be seeing us from a camera which will have a lot of static, we will have to press PLAY to start playing, once we press PLAY we can see how some numbers will appear which will mark the time in which we we find, we will have to survive until 6:00 AM in order to complete the level, first we will be able to see our office which will have various details from other series in addition to well-known novels, we will be able to find a Winnie Pooh which will have only the first part of the body, later we will be able to see a photo of the clown of the fast food chain Mc Donalds among many other references which we will be able to find if we investigate, once there we will be able to press the button that we will have below so that we can open the camera which It will allow us to see all the characters and their locations, remember that in this game there is only one night so do not be surprised if you die several times since all The characters will start to move from the start of the game, we will have to be quite fast when closing the doors, because if we give a character enough time to enter, it will instantly eliminate us and we will be able to see the GAME OVER screen in which our eyes will appear being brutally cooked in a pan, look at all the cameras since there will be several characters that will have established routes but there will be others who simply move through any camera so we will have to be very cautious, undoubtedly a game It was quite controversial for its way of presenting the jumpscare since these are only very well done animations, the game is only available in English although this game will not contain a story.

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