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Gun Shooting Games

In this category we can find several games in which we will have to aim very well as well as being very accurate when shooting since we will have to be very skillful and shoot at
objective or enemy that will be in front of us, in this category you can find several action games in addition to many games in which you can use very realistic weapons which you will have to
know how to handle very well since these will always be very sophisticated, you must be skillful with your mouse and keyboard since these games will require a lot of concentration on our part, you can find several games
in which we will have to be very fast because in most games there will be a timer which will not allow us to take our time, we will have many enemies which
we will have to eliminate in order to save planet earth, most of these games will be made with the UNITY graphics engine which will give us a more realistic experience when it comes to playing,
a category that if you like strategy games you cannot miss.


Shoot The Turtle: in this game we will start with a field in which we will be able to see a cannon that will be launching turtles most of the time, we will be able to see a bar which will be filling next to
of the cannon which will warn us when the shot is ready, once in the menu we can see several buttons which will help us to configure the game, first we can deactivate or activate the sounds
and the music of the game simply by pressing the buttons which will be at the top, then we can see all the improvements available for our cannon and our turtle, we can
see several improvements which will cost coins but we can acquire an improvement for only 50 gold, once we have seen the improvements we can start playing, we can see a tutorial which
It will show all the specifications to be able to play the game in addition to showing us the usefulness of certain objects which we can find ourselves in the middle of the game, first we will have to move the
cannon with our mouse so that we can point to where we want to shoot, then we will have to hold down the right click of our mouse so that we can fill the power bar which could carry
further to the turtle if it is full, then we will have to shoot the turtle in order to observe how far it goes, once we have seen the tutorial we can start playing, first we will have to point the cursor
of our mouse to be able to aim the cannon later we will have to hold the right click to fill the bar and when we release the right click we can see that our turtle will fly towards its destination,
we will be able to observe how the turtle collects coins in the air, in addition to the fact that we will be able to see several enemies which collide with the turtle causing its speed to decrease, we will have to throw it
as far as possible so we can increase our score.

Master Archery Shooting: in the menu we can see how we will be surrounded by a plant while the titles will appear and the background will be blurred, once in the menu we can activate or deactivate the sound
and the music of the game to be able to concentrate only on playing, once we have everything configured we can start playing by simply pressing PLAY, first we will have to choose with which arc
we want to start playing, we can see other arches with different designs which will be blocked since we will be new, once we choose our arc we will be able to see all the levels
which will be available to us, we will have to start from level 1 if it is the first time we play, once our world finishes loading we will have to aim our bow at the objectives
which will be hanging on a branch, then we will have to hit the 3 arrows to the 3 targets without fail since we will have a limited number of times, once we finish a level we can see the
number of stars that we get in addition to that we can advance to the next level simply by pressing the advance button, the world in which we will find ourselves will be 3D so our character
when aiming it will move from top to bottom making it very difficult for us to hit the arrow to the target.

We hope you had fun with us and do not forget that there will always be new games in our beginning only for you completely free, I hope to see you on another occasion and do not forget to smile.


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