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in this category we can find games in which we will have to help a specific character, we can find several character games like LADYBUG, HARLEY QUINN, and all the Disney princesses, in these games we will have to help these characters to know the real love, we will have to dress them appropriately for such a special occasion since if we do not we will have to try again from the beginning several things that we had already done, these games are mostly made with the graphics engine FLASH in addition to most of them coming from our Kiz10girls website where you can find these games and much more.


Harley Quinn Face Care and Make Up: when starting the game we will be able to see a harley quinn who will be staring at us while showing us all the buttons available to configure the game, first we can activate or deactivate the sound to our liking as well We can concentrate on putting makeup on Harley very well, once we have seen all that we can start playing by pressing PLAY, the story will begin that the joker Harley's boyfriend tried to kiss her but his face will be so, battered that he will not have a chance or get close , then harley will tell us that we have to go to a doctor, that's where we will have to start makeup and fix harley's face, first we will have to burst all the pus balls that will be on his face, then we will have to cut the hair that It will have grown on his chin, then we will have to burst all the red pimples that he has on his face, then we will have to wipe the remains of our previous ones with a rag actions later we can remove all the tartar that will have accumulated on her face so that she can be beautiful, later we will have to eliminate all the germs which will be in her nose which will have black spots so we will have to clean it, later we will have to change the colors of our makeup, we can choose between various colors such as blue, yellow, purple among many others which will make our character look like a beauty, we can change everything we want from the eyelashes, the contour of the eyelashes, the eyebrows , the color of eyes, the symbol which is on our cheek, among many other things, then we will have to call the joker to come and give us his opinion, after we call him he will come and kiss us on the cheek to then go below the screen happily, a great game if you like to design characters your way.

Panda Love: in this game we will have to help a panda to recover his girlfriend, we will have to go through several levels in which the panda will not stop running, there will be various obstacles in our way so we will have to jump and dodge them in order to grab all the coins, in this game we will have several levels which will require a fairly wide concentration since we will have to know when to jump and when to let ourselves fall, this platform game is a very simple but at the same time very fun so we will surely have many good ones moments with this fun game.

We hope you have fun and don't forget to have a good time with all the games we have for you, remember that we always add new games to our catalog so you will always have something new to play, we hope you have fun and don't forget to have a good time here at kiz10.


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