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In this category you can find several games in which you will have to help your favorite princesses to dress and paint their nails so that they are beautiful all the time, if you like helping everyone, this could be one of the categories designed for you since You can help princesses from the world of DISNEY such as SNOW WHITE, THE SLEEPING BEAUTY as well as many others who will need your help since they will not be able to fix themselves so only you can help them, it depends on your movements with the mouse in addition to your patience if They can be well dressed for the big night, you will have to dress several girls with whom you can create new combinations of clothes as you wish, you will have several models of clothes to combine you can change everything, SHIRTS, SHOES, T-SHIRTS among many other things moreover, we have great games which you will surely love, pills to choose between various clothing styles from very simple ones to glitter and many lores, if you like these games you will love this category.

HALLOWEEN GIRL DRESS UP: here you can dress a common and cool girl who will have to go to a Halloween costume party, for this we will have to help a girl to dress for that costume party, for this you will have to support a girl arranging her and choosing what clothes she should wear to look good, we will have several styles such as: devil, bunny, angel, etc. which you can combine with other clothes the girls will surely make her look beautiful, we can choose her HAT, SHOES, SHIRTS, ACCESSORIES and We can change the SCENARIO in the caul we will find ourselves so that we have a little more atmosphere with our costume, if you want to configure the sound you can do it from the sound button which will activate or deactivate the sound depending on how we have it, did you know that you can print the model you made if you have a printer, simply click on the button of a printer and follow the steps that indicate. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO DO THIS WITH A SENIOR ADULT.

FUN SISTERS NIGHT: in this game we will start with a screen in which we will be shown the 3 favorite girls of DISNEY in the middle of a sleepover, we will find several buttons which will help us to configure this game and thus we can play more comfortably, if we click on the button that will have a musical note we can turn the music on and off at our whim, if we do not like this music or simply want to place ours this button can help us, later we can see how the girls are having fun while one of them is grabbing Once an OLAF plush is a character from the movie FROZEN, once we want to start the game we simply have to press the button that will have a PLAY sign, when pressing this we will see how the girls will be discussing an idea of ??how to return the night of girls even more fun, after that dialogue ELSA will tell us that he has an idea and then we will have to spin a bottle which will choose what we will do tonight e, we will have to turn the bottle so that we start to do something, once the bottle stops we will see how we will have to dress rapunzel with new clothes which we can choose and combine to our liking, first we will have many styles such as REALITY, PARTY, WORK among many other styles and you simply have to click on them so that rapunzel will wear what you chose, once we have that done we will have to press the button that will be next to us, once we finish we will have to turn the bottle again So that we can choose a new activity, if you like these games this category will surely fascinate you.

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❤️ What are the best Nail Games to play on phones and tablets?

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