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in this category you can find several games in which we can play video games based on famous series by the entertainment company NICKELODEON in the caul we will be able to see several games from the most popular series such as BOB ESPONJA, VICTOR AND VALENTINO among many others, but if You are a fan of these series for sure this game you will love, then we can see how several games, every day there will be new games in all categories so you could play all the games but there will always be new games that you never tried, if you were ever boring and you did not know that playing this category will surely enchant you, we will have several fun games in which you can help your favorite character to fulfill his mission.

VICTOR AND VALENTINO TACO TERROR: In this game we will start with VICTOR AND VALENTINO trying to protect their taco stand from the evil skeletons which will try to get closer little by little since we will have to prevent the skeletons from reaching us, after all that has happened we will have to defend ourselves with a baseball that we will have to throw every time an enemy tries to reach our taco stand and destroy it, to prevent this from happening you will have to point your mouse to shoot at the place where our cursor is, once shoot the ball will bounce on the skeletons or the wall depends on which shock first, remember that all the skeletons will have a number above them which will mean how many times we must kick these skeletons with the ball, the purple skeletons will give us a little more power to our ball if we manage to destroy them, when we destroy them we can get a purple ball which only It will last 1 time since when we throw this ball it will be normal again. Each time the skeletons will increase their level of blows in addition to starting to arrive by hordes so it will be very difficult to destroy them, if you lose don't worry you will start again in addition to you starting normally without many skeletons, after all that we can continue playing until we can break our record and thus be the best in this game.

SPONGEBOB SPEED CAR RACING: after waiting on a loading screen in which we can see BOB ESPONJA in a car smiling as if nothing happened, then we can see several buttons which will help us configure the game so that we are comfortable to When playing, if we press the HELP button we will be able to observe the controls to be able to play the game, to move we will have to use WASD OR the directional arrows and we will have to use SPACE, our objective will be to complete the 3 laps in a maximum time also that we will have various objects which we can use to gain advantage, we can pause the game with the P key while with M we will turn off all the sound that will be in the whole game so that we can concentrate or if we want to put our music, once read This we will be able to see new options like ACHIVEMENTS which will show us all the trophies that we can always win and when we win different races or complete different nt objectives, once we give PLAY we can see a menu in which we can choose which track we want to run in addition to being able to see our maximum score achieved on that track, once we choose the track we will be given a goal to complete the level, this anger varying through time, once we are ready we have to press START when we start the level we can see how we will start on a track which will have snails scattered throughout the map, we will have to overcome the objective that we were given in order to complete the level, for that we will have to drive carefully all over the terrain in order to complete the objective, we will have 3 laps to complete the objective so it will be better if we drive well in order to have a better score, we will have an accelerometer which will show us at what speed we are going, if you like these 2D style games we hope you have fun with this incredible SPONGE BOB game.

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