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the games that are in this category we can find several games in which we will have to help the princesses of DISNEY in addition to having many iconic characters as superheroines and many more characters, the princesses will have different problems in which we will have to help them solve those Problems, if you are a fan of the FROZEN saga, this category is for you since you will also find several games with the most famous sisters in the world, besides that you can help LADYBUG in different problems which she will not be able to solve herself, if you like You can do that, much more, do the princesses' hair, disguise or make up here, besides that you will have several objectives such as helping her to dress well to see someone, etc. You will also be able to see how you will have to operate on some princesses since they have something wrong with them. he and only you can save it, if you like everything I mentioned before this category you will love.

ANNA SCOLIOSIS SUURGERY: when starting the game we can see how we will be opening our patient's back while we can see several buttons which will help us configure the game so that we do not have problems when playing, if we press the music button we can configure if we want to activate or deactivate the music of the game, if we press on the star we will be able to see the credits of the game in which the creators of the game will show us the artist of the game is WENDY N the progaador INAM N the excellent animator is Wenndy N and the designer the game will be the gopandagames website, once we have read everything we can start playing, to start playing we will have to press the button that will have an arrow pointing to the right, once we press the button we can start playing, at Starting the game we can see how Ana will be dressed worried in front of us while we will have to see how the x-ray that we did came out, a once we see how her spine is we can see how she worries saying that she imagined that her scoliosis was like this, once she finishes talking we will have to operate on her, first we will put a liquid so that later we have to draw the part of her which we will have to cut, then we will grab a scalpel and we will have to cut in a straight line to see the problem, once we solve the problem of her back we will have to dress her so that she goes out again now without back pain.

POISON IVY FLOWER CARE: In this game we will have to help the villain Poison Ivy who is the enemy of the night knight, after Batman fell into a poison ivy trap she would praise herself saying that she is the best creator of monsters and is about to show a new enemy, we will have to take care of the plant so that it grows quickly, first we will have to water the plant with special water which we will find there, then we will have to add a little fertilizer so that it can grow with a new earth and it will be more beautiful, then we will have to heat it by sending it light directly with a flashlight, once we finish that we will go to the next step, first we will have to add a red position which will increase the size of the plants, then We will have to add the green position so that the purple flower grows even more, then we will put the purple potion on it so that the root becomes stronger and can withstand many blows tman and so it can not be broken easily, once we give it water the plant will begin to mutate and we will be able to see a carnivorous plant which will have green eyes and will be able to eat people in one bite, in addition to the plant being very happy, then We will have to feed it so that it can grow healthy and strong, first we will have to give it a hamburger which will make it grow into a meat-growing megaplant, then we will have to give it pizza, then we will have to design it so that it has personality and is unique, first we will have To change the color of your mouth to anyone you want, you just have to press the same button many times to be able to fulfill that function, then we can change the petals so that it has more style, then we will have to change the root and many other things so that the plant is 100% new, after all that we can change the color of the eyes, its sharp teeth and its horns which are in the center of its head a.if you like design games this game will enchant you.

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