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What are the games in the Shop Games category?

In this category you will find several games which will be mostly about buying clothes or dressing certain characters who will need your tastes and knowledge to be able to look good in their day to day, we can also see games with thematic of shopping in supermarkets, shopping in restaurants where we will have to pretend to be a professional chef, etc. the games are 100% free so you can enjoy these wonderful titles whenever and wherever you want.

Best Games from the Shop Games category
Shopping Cart Hero HD: in this game we will start with a menu which will have very rock music and at the bottom of the menu titles there will be continuous explosions, once we have seen everything in the menu we can start playing by pressing the button with the icon of PLAY, once the play button is clicked we will be able to see the controls and the mechanics of the game, it is explained to us that when we start the game we will be able to buy TRICKS which we will be able to execute while we are in the air, we will be able to see various numbers which will tell us how much DISTANCE , ALTITUDE, TRICKS we have done so far, once the mechanics of the controls have been read we can start playing, by pressing play we can see all the objects and tricks which we can buy, we can buy new wheels which will give us an extra speed We can also buy rockets which will allow us to move faster, we can buy different carts so that we can personalize it to our liking, we can buy new TRICKS which we can use in the air, each one of these tricks will be very different from all of them in addition to the fact that they will increase their price as they advance, when we start playing we will see how a stickman pushes us from behind, while we wait there will be a bar blue which will show how much power we will have when we push ourselves, once we press GO the stickman will push us, when it finishes pushing us we will be falling down the hill until a ramp appears which will push us up and that is where we can start To perform the tricks we buy in order to get to play, the game has the objective mechanics which will give us free KizCoins to spend on our profile.

Stickman Pong Game Online: in this game we will start as a meeting between two people, there will be people around us looking at us supporting each other, once we can choose our character we can choose between a girl who will have a blue shirt and a girl who will have a purple shirt , once we hit play the game will start here we can see several things, but the important thing is that the game will show us the controls to be able to play correctly, we will have to click with the left click to go to the left side and if we want to leave On the right side we will have to click with our mouse on the right side of the screen, we will face the machine so we will have to be careful since we will have to pay close attention to where the pong ball will send, it will have to be returned by us to address the player controlled by the machine and this fails, the game has stickman character designs so we will not have If there is no problem when running this incredible game, we will be on a green field where the court will be finely cut, if we lose more than 5 points we will have lost the game and we will have to try again, we can also choose which pingpong table we want choose to be able to enjoy it while we play, each table will have its own level which we must overcome in order to use it, if you want to turn off the sound you can press the speaker icon so that you can play concentrated, a great game if you like skill games.

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