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here in this category you can find games based on the police, in these games we will have to control the police, in these games we will be able to play various games in which we will have to prevent villains from trying to destroy the entire city and we will have to defeat them, here you can find several games which will be made with the graphics engine FLASH which will allow several realistic games, in addition to having several games in which we will have to prevent several criminals trying to destroy the earth, we will be able to play driving with the police cars, we will be able to play chasing chase, if you love games where we have to help the law capture the villains this season is for you.

POLICE VS THIEF HOT PERSUIT: when starting this game we will be able to see all the police cars that we have available to use, it should be noted that these cars are obtained by buying them, since we are new we will have to start with a classic car which will have the minimum speed in addition to It will have very low statistics so it will be a good car to start, in the menu we can see several buttons which will help us configure the game so that we are as comfortable as possible,
first we will have the CONFIGURATION button which will be at the top left, once we click on it we can configure what graphics we want to be able to play this game, if you have a normal pc you can choose the low configuration so that you do not have problems at the time of running this game on your computer, then we can activate or deactivate the sound and music of the game to your liking, deactivate it if it starts to tire you out or you just want to put your own music, once everything is configured we can leave so that we can start To play this incredible game, first we will have to press START GAME so that we can start playing, once we give START GAME we can start to select the car or we can go back to the menu, first we will be able to see several new and better designed cars that will cost much more money so we will not be able to buy them right now, every time we go forward we can find the cars and their statistics which will increase As we move forward, once we have everything decided we can start playing, to start playing we will have to select the level which we want to play, there will be a total of 3 levels which will be classified by difficulty since we will have to complete a level in order to continue advancing with the other levels, once we choose the first level the game will load with a black screen with the letters LOADING GAME, once we have everything, after all we will have to chase thieves who will be escaping at full speed, we will be in a 3D world in which cars will be passing without knowing anything, once there we will have to chase the thieves in order to arrest them and bring them to justice, we will have to follow the arrow that will be above us to see where the thieves are and where they are, you can accelerate as much as you can to reach it although if you accelerate a lot and suddenly you crash it will take longer than normal to be Going forward, if you like this kind of games in which you will have to drive at full speed with realistic graphics, this game will enchant you.

We have several POLICE games which will surely help you have fun on a boring day, just click on categories and tags, as you can see we have several categories which will surely fascinate you, we hope you have fun and don't forget to have a good time here on kiz10.


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