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In 1774 the first association of players was founded in Scotland and in 1745 also in Great Britain, the first regulation of golf was created, The first golf associations were the Honorable Company Of Edinburgh Golfers of the year 1744 and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (1754), modern golf originated in the country of Scotland in the 15th century. This sport was part of the Olympic program at the Paris 1900 Olympics and later at the St. Louis 1904 Olympics, where only male competitions, in addition to the USA and Canada being the only participants, in this category you can find games in which we will have to be very good at pointing the golf ball since we will have to put it in the hole which will be at a point default map, in these games the golf club is mostly controlled to be able to throw the ball but there may be cases in which we will have to control the golf ball so that it is move in different scenarios, a category that if you are a lover of this sport you will like.


GolfMasters Online: when starting the game we can see how a penguin will be on top of a seal while snow falls on the right side of the screen, we will have to press play to start playing we will see a tutorial in which they will teach us how to play the game, first we will have to aim to then hit the penguin with a stick which will really be a flamingo, then we will have to go as far as possible with the penguin in order to increase our score and receive coins on our way, our main objective will be to be able to enter the hole which will be at the other end of the map, once seen the tutorial we will have to choose which level we want to start, if we are new we will have all the levels blocked so we will have to be very skillful to be able to complete those levels, We can improve our special movements in this section so that we can go further than normal, we can also choose which flamenco we will choose In order for it to act as if it were a golf club, we will have to buy all the flamingos with gems which can be found in the game, once we start the game we will have to move our mouse so that we can launch the penguin to the place where we are aiming , we will have to be very exact at the time of launching since we will be able to find gems which will help us to continue moving, then we will have to get to the hole which will be marked with a large flag which will be far away, on the other levels it will be Anger will change the aesthetics of the game a little, we can find ourselves in deserts, other times we will meet at the north pole among many other places, we can find levels in which we will have other objectives which will be very different from what we have seen, in level 3 we will have to grab all the fruits that will be floating so that we can complete the level, the fruits will be floating in a circular way so we will have to wait for the right moment to launch our penguin, if you make a mistake in your first 2 shots don't worry in total you will have 3 attempts to get to the hole.

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