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in this category we will have to escape from different levels or from a specific objective, in this kind of games we will have to be very skillful when it comes to thinking so if you want to play games in which you will have to pay attention at all times and you want feel the pure adrenaline, this category has the games you need, most of the games that we will find here will be 2D games designed so that they can be run on any computer without any problem, most of the games you will find are horror games or suspense but you can also find normal games or incredible realistic games.

HARD LIFE: in this fun flash game we will start in the menu which will have several characters doing different poses, first we will see a man who will be begging someone whom we will not see, then we will see a ninja who will be about to hurt a person who looks too much like Donald Trump, after him we will see an alien who will be pointing at a stickman who will be with an arrow, once the game has started we will see how we can control the lord from the beginning once in the level we can move with the directional arrows on the keyboard which will jump and move the character from one side to the other, once we start walking we can see thorns which will be on the ceiling, which we will only have to walk to be able to advance without no problem, once there we will see a mine which will have a signal that will say JUMP then we will have to press space to be able to jump it and continue with the story, once z that we are there we will have to advance on some stairs which will slow us down, once we complete the stairs we can see how there will be a barrel full of explosives, once we survive the explosion of the barrel we will have to go down a crushing which all the time will go up and down, you will have to be quite fast and be very focused since if you can not die and you will have to start everything from scratch, a very fun game if you like games in which you will have to be fast and very good controlling the keyboard, the game is available for mobile devices IPAD, IPHONE AND ANDROID.

3 PANDAS IN FANTASY: the game will start with 3 pandas which will be on top of a tree where we can see how they are annoying each other, first the middle panda will turn the third panda into a little version of it, once you see that the panda Ask to return it to normal, remember that every time you start the game you will see new spells with which we will surely laugh more than a good time, once we are in the menu we can press 3 buttons, PLAY is the button where we can start to play, CREDITS if we click on this button we will be able to see the credits in which they will show us the names of all the people who worked to bring us this great game, once we press PLAY they will show us the story, it was once when the pandas were In the middle of an amusement park when seeing all the fun games they find one in which we can see a castle which will say the word FANTASY in it, when they approach the mysterious castle He swallows them and takes them to an unexplored world where we will start in a warlock's lair, once the level starts we will see how our 3 protagonists will be locked up with no chance of survival unless we help them, to begin with we will have to click on the panda that will be in a bottle so that it rolls down and breaks the bottle, once all this is over, he will have to walk to the lever which will help his brother to escape from the pipes, then both will have to close the covers to recover our brother.

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