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In this category you will find games of fear, suspense, terror, etc. in which you will have to put your courage to the test by escaping from classic enemies of horror games such as: Granny, IT the clown, among many creatures which will chase you, if you think so. brave enough not to scare you, one of these games will, here are several famous games for mobile devices, ipad, iphone and android which you can play from your computer.

GRANNY: in this game we will have to escape from the house of our grandparents who will be waiting for us with the desire to kill us, at the beginning of the game we will have to wait for all the files to be downloaded to be able to play quietly without any problem in the game, one once all the downloading of all the files has finished once we have finished downloading all the important files for the game we will be able to start playing, upon entering the game we will be able to see the UNITY logo so we will know that this game is made with that graphic engine, To start the game press the button that will appear below everything, once in the menu we can choose what game mode we want, we must choose what game mode we want if it is the first time you play choose the normal mode which will help you understand the mechanics of the game, once the game mode has been chosen we will have to choose what level of difficulty we want, in total there will be 3 difficulties, EASY: there are no more locks on the door of esc ape, there are no squeaks from the floor and we will have one more shelter, in NORMAL mode we will have one more lock on the escape door, the floor could squeak, there is little time for the thug to resurrect, Difficulty mode HARD two extra locks in the door, the thump moves faster, the floor squeaks will increase, we can also choose a custom level called PRACTICE in which we can explore the house without any problem since there will be no thugs waiting in the house, we will have an option in the which we can activate or deactivate Locks, once we have everything configured to play simply press S to start, you will have only 5 attempts and the thug each time you die will memorize the movements you made to be able to catch you next time, once we start the game we will see how we will be in a room where there will be a bed in which we can hide if the thug starts to come.
Having said that, what are you waiting for to feel the true terror?

KNIFE HIT HORROR 2: In this strategy game we will start with a head fucking in the middle of nowhere while a knife goes straight to it, the music of the game will be one with an atmosphere of suspense and fear, which is why it is not suggested to play this game in the night, since you could take a very strong scare, the objective of the game will be to be able to hammer all the knives without them colliding with another one that will already be nailed you will have to think very well about your next move since if you lose ... GOOD Better discover it for yourself, we can redeem rewards which will be gold coins that will help us buy things in the game store, in the store you can find a large selection of knives which will help you in your game, if you want to buy any of these knives just press in UNLOCK remember that each knife will cost 500 coins, if you like games in which you will have to calculate your next move to avoid losing the game this game is for you.

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