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What are the Skateboard Games games about?
games in this category are about the sport of Skate which is a sport that is practiced with Skate, the sport is about doing maneuvers in the air or while we slide in a railing, the sport is practiced world-wide for being a very famous, the object called skateboard is a board modified to be able to do jumps in addition to being able to move more easily everywhere, the sport of Skateboarding is controversial since in some places that is considered illegal and where there are more problems is in the United States in where there are always fights between Skateboarding and the police, if you like sports and want to play games of this controversial sport, you will love this category.

Best games from Skateboar Games category
Smurfs Snowboard: in this game we will start with an image of Papa Smurf which will be sliding down the hill and there will be a button which will say GO we will have to press on that button to start the game, under Papa Smurf there will be a Smurf which will tell us the controls with which we can control the smurfs, to control the smurf we will have to press the directional arrows on the keyboard, once finished pressing GO we will be able to choose which one we will be able to choose which language we want, we will be able to choose Spanish, English among many others once we have chosen the language the game will start with a smurf on a snowboard sliding down a stone while we see how everything is snowed at the bottom of it, there will be a button which will say GO which will be the button to start playing, once pressed GO we can choose which mode of game we want, we will have a total of 3 modes which are: Normal game which is a normal game without any type of change, challenge which will increase ra game difficulty to a more difficult, and 2 players in which we can compete with another player who can play with us on the same computer, when we start the game we will have to control papa smurf and prevent him from falling too many times your Snowboard, the game will require too much concentration so we will have to be very attentive to the stage so that we do not collide with anything anywhere, if we fail we can choose what name we want to be able to save our score, we can put any name we want, a Once you have finished writing your name, click on the green arrow to return to the level menu. If you like Snowboarding games and you like Smurfs, you will love this game.

Dumb Riders: in this game we will start with a girl who will be on top of a skateboard while the loading bar will be filling, once the bar is finished we can start playing by pressing CONTINUE once that button is pressed it will take us to the main menu in the which we will see the title of the game while we see how two characters will be extremely damaged, in the menu we will find several buttons such as, the button to turn off the sound which will turn off the sound so that we can play without any distraction, if we press on the image of the sign of interrogation we will see those who developed the game, if we press on edit we can edit a world which we can test until we have the world which you always wanted to have, once we press PLAY we can start playing, we can select the level we want to test, yes You already know the game or have already played it you can choose any other level, but if you are new you can choose the tutorial which will show you the basic or in order to start playing the levels will be full of various obstacles which we will have to dodge through certain jumps which we will have to calculate so that we do not go directly to the trap to move press the directional arrows on the keyboard to move to the place you want if you like games with cartoon style this game you will love.

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What are Skateboard Games?

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