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Stick City Games

What are Stick City Games games?
The games that are in this category are games which have something to do with stickman, stick-shaped characters which we can control so that they can do many things and have many adventures, in this category you will find all kinds of games from one of action, some RPGs, others of strategy among others, most of the games will be original but from time to time you will be able to find characters known as Spiderman, Dipper, among many others, this kind of games are very simple and therefore they won't need a very good computer to run them.

Strategy games Stick City Games.

Stickman School Run: in this game we will have to control a stickman who will run without stopping to where a girl is, we will have to jump and avoid various obstacles so that we can reach the girl of our dreams, the game will have a school notebook design which is where the name comes from, the character will run automatically but we will have to jump over an obstacle as a vacuum, among other things, we can also launch a class of triangular rules which will help us destroy objects that get in our way, we can destroy many things On our way in addition to that we can get on many things if we do the double jump we will also have to slide down in certain traps where it will be almost impossible to destroy them, there will be segments on the map where there will be spikes which we will have to avoid colliding with them.

Super Stickman Biker: in this game we will have to drive a motorcycle which will have very difficult controls, the game will have a very high difficulty so you will have to be careful whenever you rise higher than normal, press the directional arrow to the left to stop the bike and press to the right to advance and accelerate the longer you hold it, we can buy new motorcycles and be able to customize your motorcycle, to buy new motorcycles we will have to collect nuts which will be in the middle of the level, once the level is completed the circuit It will end and we can continue to the next level, the game is also available for mobile devices, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Spider Stickman: In this game we will have the powers of Peter Parker, and we will have to throw cobwebs at the walls to be able to advance over the world and thus be able to advance without falling or disappearing from the map, the game has a more advanced difficulty than normal for what you will have to press very well where you want the spider web to go, remember that the spider will have strength so you will not have much time without the spider breaking again, once the spider is broken you will have to launch another one so as not to fall you will have obstacles which will make your game difficult which you will have to dodge with your cobwebs. to overcome your previous record you have to overcome the meters you traveled before, the game has a medium difficulty so if you know how to control your mouse very well you will not have problems to when playing this game.

Sticker Slayer: in this shooting game we will have to read the movements of the other characters in order to win, we will have at our disposal four weapons which each will have its way of killing the opponent, we will be able to choose the M4 which if we choose it we will have to prevent him from firing a shot at us and so we can shoot him in slow motion if we choose snipers we will have to be fast and place our sights on the enemy before another sniper shoots us, the machete will make us charge on the enemy to start cutting off his head and thus be able to kill him, if we choose the car we will have to step on it by moving the directional arrows of the cursor, once the boy is killed the game will end, if you like games in which we will have to decide how to kill the enemy allowing us to choose new weapons you will love this game.

Stick City Games at kiz10.
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